Thursday, June 1, 2017

Brandon's Ninety Fourth Email! May 27th, 2017

So apparently Brandon (I think he is referring to the Mission President's son Brandon?) had a music group with his friends named chilicheesedawgs, and today that's what we had for lunch!!! Elder Caudle recieved a package his last day, well actually two, and gave us 5 cans of really good chili, Tillamook cheese, so we had dank chili cheese dawgs!!! 

So this week was the really busy transfer week! I always get fat this week, so the next 5 weeks will be working that off yay!! hahaha So we got 13 new missionaries, they're all cool and really impressive! Wednesday we got the trainers, had the actual transfers, stayed up till like 12 helping Valientes pack and weigh their luggage, and talking to my friends going home. Four went home. Woke up at 3 to take Wesley Xavier and Elder Bustos to the airport, then we left straight from there to pick up 4 more. Then we got back, did lots of pushups to not fall asleep and die, showered, got ready for breakfast at 9, then we were having a meeting with President every time we had like 20 minutes or more to plan our meeting on Friday. Then we took like 3 more, then had lunch at McDonalds thanks to the Eddys'. Then we just returned, got the luggage for the remaining four, and took them! It was sad saying bye to all my friends! We were SOOO tired!!!! I felt like a fussy baby who just wanted to nap, but together my comp and I had a really productive 4 hours in the office and did all of the stuff for consejo. 

Friday we had that meeting and it all went well! Each time it's a missionary's last transfer, they share their testimony with the group, so I did that, and then we had to send out more emails and get stuff ready for this coming transfer, then went home. We had a great night of 1.5 hours and got to teach someone again finally!!!! I get so happy teaching after being in the offices for long periods of time!!! 

This week we'll have multizone conference divisions, and will be pretty much cruising in our area! I'm excited! Elder Hunt is awesome! It's getting cold again here in URUGAY!!! VAMOARRIBA URUGUAY URUGUAY NO MÁ!!!!!!!!!! hahah

I sometimes get overwhelmed with all of the things we have to do and I've been trying to practice better patience. I was reading about patience and read it is the ability to handle demoras or trials without reacting negatively, including anxiety and I was like well I'm not doing well at that... so I'm going to work at that. I know that we are here to learn and to grow, so I know that I will receive help from my loving Heavenly Father who will help me! He just wants to help us become better so that we can be happier! 

Elder Richmond

Michel is so rad!!! 

Took a picture before we took down the stuff from our meeting yesterday...
Luckily everything worked out and we didn't forget anything

Yay my comp playing the piano

We went to Estadio Centenario... 
The stadium for the country's soccer team because it's a museum...

We had to go to this hospital near a main park for the secretary Elder Ucañaan, 
so we walked around and took photos while we waited....

Right before Elder Mora left back to Mexico :(

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