Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Brandon's Ninety Eighth Email! June 24th, 2017

So this week overview... we don't have a baptism today sadly because our family didn't come to church... but we're hoping that they will be there tomorrow and will be baptized the following Saturday, but it's hard because they're being really flakey, and it's hard to help when we aren't having more contact with them.

We had two people at church, this one husband of an active member, and he yes, is planned to get baptized next Saturday. Then this 14 year old girl who is really cool and like came and found us in the streets when we were passing by other people's houses.

Last Sunday night the Eddys invited my comp and me over for dinner and the Olsen family was there also from the mission and we had like a Father's day/Joe's welcoming dinner!! It was really dank and really nice to be with two really cool families!!! 

Monday we had the normal office stuff, Wednesday we had a conference in 33, then we went back with the ZL to MINAS, Elder Bess and Elder Bailey and I had a few hours of intercambio there. I was totally sick, I don't know why!! I threw up that night, and we had to wake up at like 4 am to catch a bus back to Montevideo. I felt really sick that whole day too but we had a good day. Yesterday we had conference for new trainers. Today we had a fun p-day; We played soccer at the mission home, and a little bit of basketball, then Sister Eddy had lunch for us, and we had french dip sandwiches!!! It was sooooo good!!! I've missed that so much!! 

This week we have three intercambios, Tues-Thurs, then Saturday we will get my replacement!! Then that next p-day will be my last!! 

Parents, maybe you could bring bigger bags so I have a little bit of space to pack souvenirs? Like as a precaution? But if not it's fine....

So excited for AUSTIN!!! Leaving on his mission this week!!! I'm so pumped for you!! It'll be something that always changes your life!!!!! 

I'm typing really slowly today and it's bugging me, so the beginning of the week was really cold, like 0 degrees celsius, and now today it was like comfy and toasty and humid!! 

Congrats to Sheridan for killing it training and I think has a baptism today and is the best missionary ever!! 

Love you guys!!! Can't believe how cute Jack is turning two!!!! 

This photo is with Elder Montiel, from my group from the MTC. Going to miss him!!!! 

P-day fun today!

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