Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Brandon's Ninety Seventh Email! June 17th, 2017

Well this week was really good, like ups and downs, like always. So first of all, Jenny got really sick this week and was in bed barfing so they weren't able to have enough time with us to get ready for their baptism, so we're thinking last week. Last night we had like the most serious lesson with them where she also shared her fears of being baptized, and later falling short of what is expected of her as a member of the church. She was our last concern, but we were really happy to see how serious she takes it. We left her scriptures to read and pray about last night and will see tonight. They all came to church on Sunday and even brought the brother of Martín and he is the last person to expect in church, so it was super cool that they invited and brought him! Jenny has shared the gospel with more of her neighbors and friends than like anyone else combined! It's amazing! 

We also were so happy because the husband of an active member in our ward whom we've had lessons with these past two weeks came to church! They have a cute little family with two boys, 8 and 12, and a little precious baby girl who is 1. We had a really good lesson last Tuesday and he said that if he felt God responded to his prayer, that he would go to church. So we had an awesome lesson with him this week and he accepted a baptismal date of July 1st. He is super cool, nice good dad, and that makes me so happy!!!! 

So on Monday, we went BACK to the intendencia and Elder Hunt got his license... So we went through the McDonalds drive thru to celebrate!! So rad!!! First time in so long in a drive thru!!! 

The next day, Tuesday, we did a lot of driving to switch a sister in a special change. We had to wait at the bus central station for like 2 hours with my comp and one sister and it was really weird because there are always members there and we like all ate lunch and were like sooo she'll get here at 4... So then we got back in our area just in time for two awesome lessons!! Such a blessing!! 

I had two intercambios this week, one with elder McMillan and one with Elder Estouco. I love Elder McMillan!! Such a homie! We're finishing together! And Elder Estouco!! He is awesome, he has like a year. We spoke in just portuguese all day!! He was really patient haha....

So going to start planning when you parents come, that'll be so fun!! 

This week if Jenny can overcome her fears, we'll have a baptism on Saturday. They've done so much, and she said, "Like we got married, stopped smoking, and we're ready, but I don't know if I feel ready..."

I'm loving it here. My comp is really cool and I love being able to work with him. 

Joe Eddy just got home from his mission yesterday!!! So I'll probably meet him soon, the Eddys must be so happy!!! 

Love you all so much, and Happy Father's day and Happy Birthday Kayla!!!! Have a fun day!!!

Before Elder Mora moved on... :(

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