Monday, June 12, 2017

Brandon's Ninety Sixth Email! June 10th, 2017, I'm co.. cooo.. colddddddd (This was the subject for his email!)

Anyone who doesn't understand the subject should just ask Austin if he likes peanut butter!

But really, the other day there was a weather billboard and it said it was 93% humidity!!!! That's too much I think!! And the air is cold!! My hands are numb RN...

So on Sunday, we got to go out in our area with Brandon and Jake Eddy and it was really fun! They are such studs, have never been to the MTC or anything but totally were jumping in awesome talking to people and in a little lesson we had! 

Monday we had our meetings, Tuesday was a good intercambio day! Well first, I went to my first district meeting in like 4 or 5 months I think!!!! That was cool! It was edifying!!! Then in the afternoon I was with Elder Zacarias and it was great. We found cool new people to teach, one nice young single mother, always sad, but she was cool. 

The next day was cool!! So we dropped off the ZL at the bus station in the center, had to pick up the financers, then with the secretaries we all went to lunch at this peruvian place because we had to go to the Cédula office right after and it's on the same street... so it is really dank!! I got tacu tacu with lomos saltados!! My comp got his cédula, then we went to Medilab so they could get the test for their driver license and then we went to the intendencia, but it was closed!! Each one of these things takes time so it took a while! We dropped the others off at the office and went to our area. We had a great day. The young single mom from the day before was home with her whole family and a neighbor so we taught all of them and they were like 7 people, then a ton of little kids!!!! It was really cute and a good lesson.... Hopefully she comes to church!!! 

Thursday we had a conference in Florida, it went well, but we arrived late at President's house by like 8 minutes and I felt so bad!! He was in the car waiting... there was so much traffic for the schools, so we'll have to leave a bit earlier now!! We got home and had a short afternoon because Florida is a couple hours away, but in the nighttime we returned to the mission home to have cake with The Eddy's because it was Sister Eddys' birthday!!! It was really fun. I really love the Eddy's so much, they are like such a sweet family. They even got food from the restaurant they went to so we could have dinner too before the cake! 

Yesterday we had an intercambio and it was a good day. We could have a lot of people in church, like we had a lot of good follow up lessons yesterday, anddd something super awesome!!! Martin and Yenney since getting married have totally taken a new interest!! I got them a pic of the temple in Carrasco and wrote them a note on the back. On Tuesday intercambio my comp went by and he had the pic, they saw it and read it and were like we do want to be a family always together! And they want to get baptized on the 17th! That'll be super soon, so we'll see if they make it for that date, but they seem really sincere so we will be praying that they keep being awesome! I love them so much!!! 

This morning the office elders went to a park and we played two hand touch football. It was fun! Super out of shape but whatever!! Fun nonetheless...

Elder Mora totally has a girlfriend and I'm super happy for him!!!

I love having just a good long week and looking back at all of the little miracles that have passed along the way... it's really amazing. I think it's crazy how we talk to SOOO many people, well it's actually kind of crazy, but how the Book of Mormon literally teaches something of interest for every person. It really is from God, he wants us to have it and to treasure it, read it and study just like the bible!!! I read some accounts from a book of Elder Mechasm, who I was with yesterday (super cool!!!!!) and they were so deep. One was called like how much do you love the people you serve and it almost made me cry but I was like nope hahah not on p-day... just kidding, but it was great. I really do feel a profound love for Uruguay and hope that I can always remember how God works in the lives of all people, regardless of location. 

I love you all, I feel so blessed to be part of such a great family! 

Elder Reechmunt

Elder Mora taught me how to make refried beans before he left so I've made them like 3 times these past weeks. We had bean and cheese burritos, and I made spicy ones and he had them with rice and I love them so much! So excited for Mexican food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our super fun p-day last p-day!!

Hahah pics with just a guy comp for two years is funny! 

This place is called Punta Ballena.

The famous fingers in Punta del Este

Last week we got to go out with Brandon and Jake for the afternoon

Then Sister Eddy´s birthday on Thursday!!!

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