Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Brandon's Ninety Third Email! May 20th, 2017

This week was crazy! We had lots going on for the Mission tour with Elder Packer, and it all went well! So I also got to have a personal interview with him, and then one with my companion together! It was a surprise haha, but it was a really unique experience. He was like, if I remember right from what I was told, both of your parents are members, and you have been in this area for a while already? It was funny...
Also I am approaching 6 months in this area! Today I got my new comp, Elder Hunt, of whom I sent photos earlier! He has 10 months in the mission and is super legit. He came from Paso de los toros, and is from Arizona. I'm really excited. Elder Mora finishes up on Wednesday and I'll take him to the airport on Thursday, which is really sad.

It was so awesome talking to you guys on Sunday, I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!! Also, it was really cool getting to see the Hoffman family for a second and Sheridan! What a great surprise... couldn't believe it. I was like too happy after, I just won't be able to believe it when we're both back!!! 

This coming week we have changes which implies all of the crazy schedule stuff like the past 4 times.... If you want to see just go back 6 weeks and you´ll see the explanation there. 

It's getting cold again which is sad, it's been raining this week a fair amount, but it's alright. If there are cold days, the sunny days in California won't be too far away. Martín and Jenny don't hate us, they're totally getting married on the 1st of June, but they are working way too much! Like they literally are just never home. It's good but they also spend money on non-essentials, so it's a little sad. We want to meet with them more, but with our complicated schedule I still haven't been able to figure out how. Ward members have passed by the house too, but they haven't been home. We had one lesson this week with them and I was so happy I wanted to cry. I love them so much, and their cute 4 kids! Like I didn't realize that I'd be so happy to see them. I really want to be able to see them get baptized!!!!! 

I love being a missionary. I am so tired, more tired than like ever before, but I'm so happy and that keeps me going like no other...

I love you guys!

Elder Richmond 


Top ten

10. We had to do the demonstration for the conferences, so my companion and I had practiced it a couple of times in front of President, because it was his presentation, we just did the demo. And last night we had a lesson and talked about family history like exactly like the demonstration and it was so cool!!! haha 
9. This week we get lots of new missionaries
8. Found cool stuff in the Feria today
7. I got to see lots of friends at the conferences! I've met so many great people here
6. We have eaten very good this week :)
5. My new comp Elder Hunt is super cool!!! Going to be President of the USA or of the church one day... maybe both, no probably not
4. Getting to talk one on one with him. He was like: "Well, do you have any questions..." I don't know if a General Authority has ever asked you that personally before
3. Conference with Elder Packer
2. Skyping the family
1. AUSTIN GOT HIS MISSION CALL: EUGENE OREGON, JUNE 28th, (sadly we won´t see each other like the longest time possible ever!)

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