Monday, November 7, 2016

Brandon's Sixty Fifth Email! October 31st, 2016


Haha so I was bummed to hear that Elder Vallecillos was leaving, he was a great comp. 
On Tuesday we were out talking to people trying to have a lesson and our ward mission leader called and asked if we wanted to come have dinner with his family at 8 so we had dinner with them and they are such a precious family!!!!! It was so nice as a little send-off for Elder Vallecillos!!

I was reading 1 Nefi 20:22 and after reading it I thought of the guns and roses song, "There aint no rest for the wicked," so read the scripture and then listen to the song! I think that means it's a mission approved song right? No totally kidding! I'm going to feel so weird listening to normal music after the mission.

So with my new companion, Elder Bess, we have done a million contacts, actually found lots of people to teach, and had more lessons. Due to the lifestyles of many of the people it is going to be a big change, and difficult, but fun to have more lessons anyway! BUTTTT we were going along in this back street and we saw a carpincho! It was like a giant dog, but like a hamster!!! We were freaking out and knocked and the guy totally showed it to us, it's his pet. Really cool experience!!

We got rocks thrown at us like 5 times this week. Kind of ridiculous. I practice patience a lot when I want to go tell people that that isn't a good idea, but I retain myself haha..

Our lunch yesterday was french fries. Greasy french fries and that was it. It was Sunday too and we have no food in the house so we had french fries. We were dying by the end of the day. No nourishment there but whatever hahah. The days are long but I love telling people about the B.O.M. and Christ and all the good stuff. 

We have consejo tomorrow so that'll be fun. We need to account for the progress of our zone... we'll see how that goes haha. We have a 5:30 bus to MV in the morning. 

I've heard rumors that we have a conference with Elder Rasband this month, but yet to see it for myself, but that'd be so sick!!! 

This week, E. totally came to church and it was great. We taught him Chastity and then we talked about it in principles clase so I'm sure he got the message haha. We did contacts with that folleto actually a good amount this week because that would help this place out a ton! I used to be kind of scared to teach about it but now it's just normal because I know sooooo surely that it blesses our lives, families, and our standing after this life! 

I am happy that I got another cool companion. We hung up stalkings and Christmas lights so hopefully I stay another change too! haha we'll see. Happy halloween, I've seen one decorated house! 

I totally forgot to do a top ten but it was for sure our investigator coming to church! I want everyone to come to church and learn and give thanks to Christ!!! 

I love the Book of Mormon and the truths of Christ that it restores with simplicity! 

I love Christ because he has given MY family, current and future, the opportunity to be together forever! I can´t think of a better gift. 

I am so grateful for parents that always taught me that right according to God, not men or the current trend!!! 

Love you guys so much. K.S.F.A.

Can someone verify si there is Yerba Mate in the states 
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Elder Richmond

Maybe these are related??

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