Thursday, November 17, 2016

Brandon's Sixty Seventh Email! November 14th, 2016

So to start with a funnily sad story. Yesterday we passed by the house of an investigator. The day before we left a little note on a pass along card on the door. In the street we found it ripped into four nice pieces on the ground... we were like ohhh come on hahah. 

Kind of a difficult week. We taught very little because it was soooo hard to find anyone at their house. They just aren't there, we don't understand! Like never, but it's alright, we had some good moments. So one day was crazy. We left and got cat-called very badly and had to take a different way which lead us to a random door that we knocked and we met this lady and we taught her and she was really nice, a really nice experience. So we leave from there and do our second contact of the afternoon and it was this old man with a cane and we both came from train tracks that are separate but parallel, and he was super rude and I asked, is there something wrong, are you okay? And he said he had just gotten robbed $350 by some scam guy and he asked us to call the police and we did it and were sitting with him at a nearby bench and like 3 police cars, some motos and other patrolmen came rushing to us like what's his description, then went running. It was super funny. So we took off a couple minutes later. Then my comp thought of stopping in an almacén and we got 1 litro of chocolate milk each and drank it in like one minute. hahah it was a very odd set of hours. 

We just had lunch today with our district at the Wall's house with Mexican food and it was SOOOO GOOD!!! I loved it, and carrot cake! I ate a ton.

We have been doing asados when we don't have lunch or little little ones at night because we cleaned our back porch super well and it's sick. I think next Monday we're going to have a district asado on our side porch thing (it opens to the street and is like public) and super cool! 

We went to an open chapel activity in San Ramón and my comp and I were in the main street for 4 hours getting people in there and we got like every person who went except for 2! It was super fun just being like come come come follow us. haha It was fun, we will have one in our area in a couple weeks! 

This week we have the conference with Elder Rasband!!! Have no idea what's happening still but I'll let you know next week!! 

I love you guys! Thanks for the support and the great examples during my childhood! 

Elder Richmond

My comp and I cleaned out the parrilla and made chicken wings

 We got a fridge that works!!! 

 Is my camera bad quality? 

  Our asado stuff

 I love making popsicles!! 

The dankies!!!!

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