Monday, November 7, 2016

Brandon's Sixty Sixth Email! November 7th, 2016

One miracle this week is that I found a popsicle mould in Sarandi Grande and they didn't want them so now I have popsicle moulds! Already made root beer popsicles..

So we went to Montevideo on Tuesday and that was really fun, I really like hearing from president and the APs. I think that there is a lot of things that we can improve in our zone so everyone gets it more and I think this week was a great first start.

We had zone conference on Friday and that was fun, but a lot to prepare because we went over a lot of random things with President and so we had to plan it all really quickly, but I think that it was okay. We talked about understanding the love in the work, and the importance it has, which is so vital. 

After that we went to Sarandi Grande to see what the work was like there and they have had a really hard last transfer so we were nervous and really wanted to help them but it was a great day, we did lots of contacts and found 4 new investigators, had some lessons, and hopefully left them with some people to visit now. It was really hot so we slept on the roof and my comp and I only brought one blanket and a pillow so it was still a little cold in the madrugada but it was still fun! We saw lots of shooting stars. 

I woke up at 5 am to the best smell ever so once it was wake up time, we followed the smell and got to this panaderia and it was closed. The guy comes out and was like come in come in and we were in the HUGE kitchen (super not sanitary) but he gave us soooo many fresh dank biscochos for 50 pesos. It was cool. They totally had a dead pig laying on the ground, not sure why.

We went to the pueblito in our area called 25 de mayo and it was sick! We found like 5 people to teach and 3 have to get married but want to get baptized. They have hymn books and Book of Mormons and everything. She literally called us from her porch and said who do you search and we shrugged and walked up to her and she totally just wanted us to have a lesson. It was a really fun day. I love teaching and telling people how they can receive the gift of the Holy Ghost after they are baptized and how good they'll feel when that happens.

So Elder Rasban comes on the 17th and we have a mission wide conference in MalvĂ­n that day.
The 23rd we have a multi zone conference and they sent me a ton of money in my account to get the food for 29 people. Never done food for large groups before, but we're going to start looking! 

Today we made burgers and they were dank. It has been really hot and we were sweating sooo much but it started raining right after, still really hot. We've been playing soccer every morning at the church next door and that's been fun.

This week we literally had almost no contact besides phone calls with our investigators because they were traveling or other things or we were out of our area so it was hard to see their progression. It was a hard week for our area, but we have a lot going into this week. We have a family home evening with Daniel Blanco, our DOM and F y F, the young couple from a couple weeks ago! 

Top Ten.

10. The thunder right now is pretty cool, but totally just crashed my computer a couple minutes ago
9. The weather is getting hot! Borderline too much, like 75 at 6:30 am, but it's tropical sometimes.
8. I have managed to make no bakes twice this week with random ingredients in the house.
7. Sleeping on the roof and seeing the night sky
6. I have gotten into incense (cheaper than candles) and it helps a ton with mosquitos and taking the dirt smell out of the house.
5. The hot warm fresh and bountiful bischochos
4. We really are looking for people who want to follow Christ and get baptized and I really think that we will find somebody. There has to be somebody right?
3. The meeting on Tuesday in Montevideo
2. Intercambio in Sarandi Grande was successful and was totally worth the day not in our area
1. 25 de mayo was such a fun day! I think we'll go there once a week.

Well, be safe everyone, I love you all! 

Elder Richmond

Classic white girl photos on train tracks.... 

My comp and I in 25 de mayo (our pueblito) when we had a sick day!!!! 

Elder Balke goes home this transfer!!!

Nisparo tree in Sarandi Grande!

 I love these little things on hot days! 

I love these signs all along the train tracks in Uruguay! 

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