Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Brandon's Sixty Ninth Email! November 28th, 2016

I have like no time to write! 

Alright, so the Thanksgiving lunch turned out soo cool! Hermana Wall is the best and Elder Wall is the best support to her cooking! 

We had that lunch then headed to MV for divisions and I was with Elder Ford (The last time I'll see him) and it was a good time working there!! SOOOO MANY PEOPLE I LOVE IT!!!

We went Thursday morning to the Hospital so my comp could get an x-ray and the hospital is a British hospital and it's super nice. Nice adventure. Then straight to San Ramon for a baptismal interview, then back home in time to visit one person, then head back home. 

We went to MV again on Saturday to attend a baptism in my comp's old area, it was great meeting a recent convert couple there who is so engaged in learning and progressing! It was awesome to see, I'm sure my comp must have so much joy to see them like that!!! 

We had a great, MARRIED, couple come to church today for the first time and it was great!! Two people didn't come who we thought were going to, but it's alright! Next week! :)

Ilumina el mundo people! Get to it! We should do it all the time, but seriously if we can do our part and help people be happier, what greater is there than that! We're doing service every week so send me ideas! We will be going to the city a lot I guess asking permission but that's kind of fun haha...
Chase sent me a photo of Casey's insta of the small deer that jumped in front of the 4 pointer and I thought of John 15:13..... haha my comp and I were laughing so hard with his caption and that scrip together! That deer is going to Heaven for sure!!! 

I know that God loves us sooo much and if we understand that just a little, we will trust him to direct us in the right way! He always will. I can easily tell somebody to read the Book of Mormon and they will feel that, because it's happened so much for me while I've been here!!!

Okay, I didn't do a top ten again (Got really distracted sorry) 

I love you guys so much. That Thanksgiving looked so fun and so happy, so much unity!

Keep safe always... also, Jack Jacinto is too cute! I kodaked a photo of him looking grumpy with an apple in the orchard! 

Aren't families great?

Elder Richmond

 Thanksgiving lunch!!!!!/ Multizone conference!!!!!!!!!!! 
Cutting the turkey up!!!!!! It was DANK!

The ride to Montevideo! 

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