Monday, November 21, 2016

Brandon's Sixty Eighth Email! November 21st, 2016

Hey friends, family, fans hahah just kidding. Here if you wanted a friend you could give a street dog meat. 

So this week was a little hard on the working side, but a good different week. It was a bummer, the whole zone had a slow week, I'm really not sure why and why all together, but we had a conference in Montevideo with Elder Rasband and it was so uplifting. He talked about callings and how they are from the Lord, and how he wants us to have success. He talked about how we can incease our obdience by learning about the Lord, loving him, then serving him. I'm really excited about the December church thing because we will get to do service and that's like my favorite thing ever! 

Side note, Chase sent me photos of Casey and he (Casey) listens to country music??? Common guys... hahah Casey??

So we also had district conference this weekend and I got to give an unplanned testimony. I was just sitting there, and luckily I was paying attention because the guy was like, "And next we will have a testimony from Hermana ________ and Elder Richmond and I was like hmmm ight. Don't remember what I spoke.

Gage Poulsen is in my mish, I met him on the bus to the conference but he went to Del Norte. I think I've met him before. He said his GF is Katie Walton, which sounds really familiar, Auz, do you know her, or do you know him? He seemed cool. Mom I remember you telling me that he would come. 

I was reading Isaiah 64:8, and I think that the mission should probably get pottery wheels in all of the houses haha just kidding. But I want to throw a mate! 

We had a great day in 25 de mayo. We had lots of lessons and people were nice and we got to talk about families and sing and it just makes me happy. Don't understand why people reject us sooo hard sometimes when we only want to share happiness. 

I'm so grateful for the family that I have and for the value that family has in my life!!! I'm excited, okay on Wednesday we have a conference and instead of doing a separate big lunch on Thursday for Thanksgiving, we're making it on Wednesday! Hopefully everything works out, but we are doing that. Hermana Wall is really doing it, now we're just helping (I wouldn't be able to pull it), They are so nice and cool!!!!

I think that's about it! I made some animal fat based candles this week, but they don't smell good even with mint oil, so I'm over doing it again. 

I forgot to do a list so just imagine it :) haha 

Some of our investigators this week have distanced themselves from us which is a bummer. We just share the commandments and people decide if they want to follow them or not and when they choose to not do it, it will always be a long road. I wish I could help people always visualize the long term blessings that come with obedience! 

I love my parents and the example that they've always given me, so thanks padres!!!! 

Also, saying The Padres, like the baseball team, sounds sooo weird now hahah.

Love you all, Elder Richmond 

Haha I tried to send something to Sheridan in the bolsa and the secretaries sent it back like this, 
we thought that it was funny

 My candles! One I did in my old mate because it got a hole.

 Our lunch one day :(

 Thermos the guy gave me

 Asado - Uruguayan style

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