Saturday, December 10, 2016

Brandon's Seventieth Email! December 10th, 2016

So literally the craziest week of my mission. Well two weeks really. I have p-day Saturday now. 

So 3 weeks ago in the conference we had, I saw my friends from BYU in the other mission! It was sick!!! 

We did a toy drive in Florida, set up stands, passed out flyers, and actually collected stuff for the kids that will be stuck in the hospital during the holidays! It was great!!! It was kind of some work. Had to go to the city sometimes, carry tables to and fro, but I'm happy that we did it.  We cut some grass of a local children's house too. Ilumina el mundo right haha...
So Friday night I got a call that I'd be transferred the next day to Belloni, in Maroñas. So that next afternoon, Elder Ford and Elder Palomino picked me up! Elder Palomino is my new comp, but we were in a trio for like 5 days, it was so fun!!! We always joked of being comps, but it was a fun 5 days. 

Saturday night, we had a good ward activity/send off for Elder Ford. 

Sunday we ditched church after sacrament meeting to go meet with President Eddy to talk about transfers, but it felt super funny leaving church early haha. We were there for a bit, then ate lunch at their house with the office elders and it was sooo great!!!! Hermana Eddy had cooked this delicious lunch!!! So stuffed!

So Casey, your friend Ryan looney, I totally found a gazillion of his fotos on the computers here in the offices, and his workout routine, I thought that was funny! 

Monday, we had meetings with President and had to do the numbers of the mission and do a lot of prep stuff for transfers. NO time in our own area.

Tuesday Elder Palomino got his license (just finished drivers ed) and then we went to the airport and picked up the new missionaries in the mission!!! It was great! Came back to Carrasco and had some presentation that Elder Palomino and I did together. Then we did some stuff and had dinner. Then we were with President matching up trainers to new missionaries and were there till like 1 am, and Hermana Eddy came in at like 12 with a plate full of hot peppermint chocolate chip homemade cookies!!! She is so nice it is incredible! 

Wednesday we did a training for the trainers of the new missionaries and then they went to tranfers by bus. The ending missionaries got there and we had lunch, and had a lot of things to do during that day, so we were busy all day at the temple or in the offices. That night I went to bed late and had to wake up at 2:30am to take Elder Balke to the airport! It was so weird taking him!!! 
Then we got home at 5am and woke up at 6:30am to do the same with another group. Then, Elder Ford's group (the Americans) came and it was really sad saying bye. That afternoon we went home and started preparing things for the coming week! 

Friday morning, we had like a meeting with President, then he took us to a Chinese restaurant, and my comp and I picked up his kid and the son of the other mission president's family up from high school because President and Hermana Eddy had a meeting! haha then we continued the meeting and Hermana Eddy brought in hot apple cake, so mom, if I get really fat, it's totally Hermana Eddy's fault!!!

So we have the little conference with the ZL on Tuesday and with the DL on Wednesday, then we'll start intercambios so it'll be a busy week!!! 

I got my quad in spanish and it's so cool!!! Also, I'll be getting my drivers license as soon as my documents get translated. I don't need to do classes since I have a current USA license, so that'll be fun!!!

I love you all, have a great week!!!

10. Going to be able to drive
9. I've eaten very well this week! 
8. The hostel was so luxurious compared to normal now haha 
7. Stoked on my spanish quad
6. Peppermint cookies!
5. Elder Peterson will be living with me
4. My new area is super fruitful!
3. Elder Palomino, my new comp is awesome!
2. Being in a trio with Elder Ford was sick! Or I guess now he's called William
1. Receiving the new missionaries was a really fun thing, so much life and excitement!!


Elder Richmond

 A lavender candle that I made! Well two actually! It turned out! 

 We did a toy drive and I had to ask permission of the city in Florida before I left and the letter was so jank! 
And I signed it Elder Richmond haha so not correct 

 The temple hostel we got to stay in for 3 nights during changes! 
It felt like a paradise! So nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Taking Elder Balke, my second trainer, to the airport... at 3am!!!!!
 haha soooo early! I got no sleep! 

 Took Elder Ford to the airport on Thursday also. So sad haha. 
Worst goodbye since leaving home. Literally my brother. 
Don't even want to think about it as I type because still not very over it haha.

 My new house is super ghetto hahah. The shower faucet is my favorite!! 

 We cleaned a lot today! These are the before pics! 

 My quad came!! It is so nice! The leather is perfect, I'm like nervous to even use them at home haha.

 Christie!!! Witch doctor!!! Look what I found way back in my house cleaning today!!!! 
I'm gonna be a witch doctor now too!!!! 

 Office elders

 Our trio for like 5 days

Last day in the mish showing me how to do stuff for Elder Ford

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