Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Brandon's Fifty Sixth Email! August 29th, 2016


Don't have much time! haha classic. Going to write like robotic to save time.

We met an american guy from Georgia knocking doors. His spanish was bad! haha he has been here one year. It was dark and we couldn't see, but from his spanish/accent I knew and said where are you from? Which state? He is here because he came here randomly and started his own church haha.

Can you send me the recipe to Jan Castellano's pancakes? The big flat and eggy ones that we'd eat on Sundays sometimes.

The weeks are getting really nice! Friday we left in shirts only and we were sweating! I was loving it!!! Saturday it started raining and stopped last night haha. It rained like 10-12 inches in these days!!! 
We slept on the roof on my birthday, the Tuesday. We all got like wet and it really wasn't that great haha. I didn't sleep at all!!!!!

My b-day was fun! Totally normal actually, we did lots of contacts, and had one really good lesson with M and M... the husband member and investigator wife! She is doing well, stopping smoking with the goals we had set! We had a good lesson and played Uno, like a family night! At home we planned, then I was making cookies and they got 2 liters of ice cream so we had a fun night!! It was an intercambio with Elder Rosales from La Paloma, and it was all good! 

They told us on Tuesday that Elder Johnson and I had to go to Montevideo on Thursday so we left at 5:50 am and got home at 10 pm

President did like a conference there and it was great! So after we had to wait at Tres Cruces for like 2.5 hours and they had a piano in the middle that todos could play. It's like a huge mall/ bus terminal, and Elder Peterson is like a concert pianist, haha literally incredible, and he started playing these crazy compositions and like he is super humble so it was funny as like 50-100 people gathered around the piano to listen and were filming him and everything! It was sooo rad!!!!! Seriously so cool. And we were like handing out some folletos also, it was cool! 

I got a birthday package from Sheridan!!!! It was so sweet!!! It had tons of sweets and awesome things from Brasil!!! I have fotos from this week but don't have time to send them! Also got really cool letters from Sheridan! One said something her Mission Prez says I think that is, "Don't talk about the truth as if it were a lie." 
This message we have is true. God has again restored the COMPLETE gospel of Christ here on the earth. We need to follow it in order to be truly happy, eternally.

I am so grateful that my family has always had this knowledge because this knowledge makes it possible for families to be closer, happier, and chiller knowing that they can always be together if they live how they should! I'm so lucky and grateful!!!

Top Ten not in order!!!

-B-DAY package from Sheridan!!!!
-Good weather for a little!
-I feel like exercises have helped me be stronger in general to walk without getting so tired and stuff.
-Going to the conference in MV with Elder Johnson
-Elder Peterson SHREDDING the piano in front of everyone!!
-Polonio got baptized (area of the ZL). We contacted him right before they met him
-Fun to see him get baptized on Saturday! I directed the meeting haha
-Good lessons with M and M
-We found three new investigators knocking Saturday night in the CRAZY rain!!!!! We introduced ourselves and asked if we could share our message and they were like yeah. We had a sick lesson and gave them a LDM to read! 
-Uplifting letters from Sheridan to stoke me up because the rejection has still been gnarly. I just feel bad for everyone that rejects this happiness. 
-President Eddy is really cool and I like the changes that he is making in the mission; they all make sense!!

Anyway, that's all! I love you all!!!

Elder Richmond

He sent this picture this week but it's from last week!

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