Thursday, August 4, 2016

Brandon's Fifty Second Email! August 2nd, 2016

Hey family and friends,

We are in Chui, Brasil ahora and we will be here for p-day!

We had p-day today because it is the week of changes (my comp and I stay).

We got vaccinations this week from the mission. It was funny, Sister Paul (a missionary who studied medicine before and is the mission nurse) gave us the shots. 

We had two investigators in church, and one is really cool. She is totally reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it and I think that she will get baptized. 

We use the Book of Mormon like always now, contacts, every lesson, like everything and it's great because the Book of Mormon is great! It's the word of God that teaches us the truth! 

Elder Delgado (my Ecuadorian friend) is going home tomorrow! I'm sad because he is super fun and funny and we're good friends. He was trained by Elder Rae also! So that's kind of all that I really have to write this week, but a ton of crazy stuff happened. We had a lot of great lessons but it's stuff I wrote in my journal. I am really loving it here, except the cold, and the mold. Tang here is 6 pesos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cheap!!!! 

Anyway, I love you guys! Totally didn't think of anything to write for my top ten. Oh they totally are destroying the bathroom in the house right now because it was leaking so there is a little short guy in the house working right now haha.

Top ten not in order! 

Chui cheapness! 28 pesos for a loaf of sliced bread, in Rocha it is 120 pesos!
Sheridan hit 6 months
My comp is doing well, talking more etc.
Made garlic bread yesterday (really exciting I know)
Mirna is really reading and studying and learning from the Book of Mormon and you see it in her. Coming to church on her own account and everything.
We will have a new bathroom!
Going to eat a really good lunch today!
Some people this week said "sos Uruguayo no?" So they thought I spoke well haha. On the other hand, some lady said "I don't understand a word you say from your North American mouth." haha 
We handed out LOTS of Book of Mormons this week
My family is doing great and that's always nice to hear! 

Love you guys!

Elder Richmond

 Tons of oil in the supermarket 

 Kisses cookies


 Random things

 Cinnamon rolls

We have to have a chair on this button so the oven works, super annoying

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