Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Brandon's Fifty Fourth Email! August 15th, 2016

Hey Family!!!!!

So not a lot of time to write (every week right?)

Some like 8 year old kid in the street open hand slapped my comp straight in the face this week! We were knocking a door and he came up and started hugging us and we were like hey stop what are you doing and he looks up at my comp and slaps him and I was like HEY! Where's your mom, walk back to your mom. And my comp luckily stayed calm, but super lame haha. Really random

Just a random fact. I eat oatmeal and soy protein for breakfast. Who would've thought they'd see the day... kind of gross but cheap and filling.

Every adolescent here plays "Pokemon go," like you track Pokemons on your smart phone.. so literally everyone is running around looking at their phone. Is that a thing in the states?

I got so many fun surprises this week!!!!! So Tuesday I got a lot of letters from Sher, cause they hadn't delivered them for a while... so that was one.

Then Thursday night we arrived at home, and on the floor there is a MEGA package from mom and the fam, ANOTHER package from the Hoffman's, and one bonus cards from Sher hahah!!!!! Seriously it was like Christmas, or my B-day hahah so thank you everyone, really unexpected and fun!

I can now do a Rubrik's cube in like 3 minutes haha not going to be my thing ever.

I'm so excited to hear about all the crazy stuff going on at home. I don't have any more single friends haha 

This week was a little slow for different meetings or stuff but our investigator M. is totally progressing!!! She came to church for 3 hours, is reading and praying, and is praying about a baptismal date for the 27th! We've had really good, spiritual charlas (NO idea what he means here) with her!!!!

Okay I don't have time, but I feel like my testimony is growing so much as I read and study each day, and that's something I'll never stop doing. I'm so grateful for the scriptures, and the living prophets that we have on the Earth! I love this perfect gospel!!! I love the sacrifice Christ made for each of us!!!

Top Ten

10.  I made lunch (Sat and Sun) of rice, beans, chorizo, and fried potatoes and it was dank!
9. The weather has been a lilttle warmer randomly this week!!!!
8. Fun intercambio with Elder Sarkady here in Rocha this week
7. La Paloma activity that we're going to have today! (Play futbol, football, and rugby on the beach)
6. The letters I got are so happy and encouraging
5. Packages I got this week
4. We had lessons with some members that we've never been able to have lessons with before!
3. We had 3 investigators in church for 3 hours! 
2. M. is progressing so much spiritually towards her baptism
1. Jessica gets married in 6 days!!!! WHAT THE!

I love you all, thanks for all of the support
Elder Richmond

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