Monday, September 5, 2016

Brandon's Fifty Seventh Email! September 5th, 2016

I have had some really funny rejections if somebody hears the word Mormon. Like door slammed instantly and lock turned as if we were going to break in and take everything haha. It's really sad actually because it's likely that they never accept the gospel, but a little bit entertaining at the same time. We're the last people they need to worry about! 

So before I forget, P-DAY NEXT WEEK IS TUESDAY, like it is every 6 weeks (so don't get concerned every 6 weeks) hahah... The following day, we have transfers... there is about a 95% chance I'll leave, but I'll let you know next Tuesday. We are going to Chui so it'll be kind of nuts. We hear Monday night, Tuesday all p-day we'll be in Chui, we'll come home at 9 and then I'll have to finish packing, then Wednesday have the crazy Tres Cruces struggle with my bags and busses! 

So I've made a bunch of bread this week! Maybe not a bunch, but a bunch for mixing and kneading by hand because we obviously don't have kitchen aids. A couple kilos. We have non stick loaf pans so it's no worries. Everything else is destroyed, so it's cool using good pans. Today I am making a cake for Elder Sarkady but it's so ghetto, I used two totally different pans without handles to cook them this morning so it'll be a tower, not a straight even cake haha.

We have temple conference on Friday!!!! We will leave really early I imagine, go there and I've heard that with the new president it is really quick, but I'm excited to go, I feel like I haven't been in FOREVER! Excited for when I'm home and can go a lot! 

We had two intercambios this week. On Wednesday my comp and I both worked in the area of the LZ in divisions. It was fun, I was with Elder Palomino and we had a good day! 
On Friday I went to La Paloma with Elder Sarkady and it was good! We could do a lot of contacts because that's something that is kind of hard in their area. (Summer town that is dead in the winter) and we were like right by the house at 8:30 but it was early and so we decided to just go around and look for any house with light and the first one we came to was a young father (holding his precious baby) who invited us in and said curiosity just struck him, and we taught him about the plan of happiness and it was good! He said his pareja (live in girlfriend, it's how everyone lives here) would like to hear also and so they will teach them together! It really was a blessing for deciding to work a little more even though it was really cold and kind of raining!!! I really hope families like theirs can listen and receive all the blessings that they could have!!!

That's pretty much all I have to report. We have been doing lots of contacts; It's been somewhat hard because it's been raining a lot, but we're really trying to get them in!!! I love telling people about the gospel!!! I think the best thing will be when I have my own family and can invite people over to learn about this plan so special, and great!!!!! Sometimes I feel tired to do contacts, but after I talk to the first person, I always realize what I'm actually saying and how important it is, and then I get stoked to tell everyone hahah. 

Top Ten.
Not in order 

-Intercambio with 1B (LZ) 
-Intercambio with La Paloma
-Centro had a baptism (a really cool 18 year old)
-Teaching that new investigator in La Paloma
-Excited for temple conference!!!
-Cool seeing photos of Jessica's wedding, congrats!
-Going to eat cake today! 
-I remembered my converter for photos (always frustrating when I always forget something)
-We had two investigators in church this week
-Getting to see hear a lot of funny things in the street! 

I love my mission. Obviously at times it's hard to do whatever it is I'm going to do at the moment, but in general haha. 

Chao Chao todoossss,

Elder Richmond

Pics from like 2 weeks ago on my b-day.

 The package Sheridan sent me!!!!!!!!!!!! 
So Fun!! I opened it in the bus on the way back!!! 

  Above bead and below a dessert pizza that I made last night. 
The dessert pizza is like cinnamon stix from pizza pie

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