Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Brandon's Fifty Fifth Email! August 22nd, 2016

SO the weather has been super good, until Friday night, then it got cold again, but today is really warm. Seriously bipolar but I'M LOVING the warm, so excited to be sweating in the summer again.

Elder Ford called me this week to ask a question about the districts in my zone, but it was so fun talking to him, reminds me how fun Durazno was back when I was over there. He's really cool. The assistants actually work a ton in their area now, so he is happy.

Seriously amazing packages from the Hoffman's and family! I am loaded with goodies!!!! I don't have time to say everything, but it's seriously all treasure here!!!!! So thanks!

This week has been hard to have lessons, we have been met with SO MUCH rejection, it's seriously impressive haha, but at the same time, have seen more miracles to outweigh it. Our investigator, M. is currently quitting smoking and has been killing it!!! We call her every night to verify her goals, and she has been meeting or exceeding them everyday. She shouldn't smoke at all starting Thursday, so maybe she can get baptized next Saturday. Really great to see her honest and sincere effort to be better and trust in the Lord! We give her passages from the B.O.M. to help her have the faith to carry on.

Although she is quitting smoking, I know that we all need faith to carry on, in whatever it might be that we are pursuing, so I'm learning a lot from her. The Book of Mormon teaches of Christ and what we can do to better follow him! SHARE IT! Seriously nobody actually knows what it is. Everyone calls it Smith's book or our version of the Bible or stuff like that. We need to help people understand what it really is, because I know in the states almost nobody knows what it really is either haha. Almost funny sometimes.

Postitive note: Many people with whom we had planned lessons did not discard the pamphlets when they told us they wanted nothing, and gave them back to us in usable condition haha.

My companion is good. 

We are working well and working hard, not getting discouraged even though it's been a little hard. 

I feel really blessed with the love I feel for some random people sometimes. Sometimes it hits me hard and I realize it's just a blessing for being on a mission.
I had had one experience like this before my mission, praying for somebody who I didn't necessarily like, but now even when people are jerks I don't get annoyed.

Top Ten.

10. We have temple conference in like a few weeks.
9. Weather warming up!!!!
8. I love being a missionary. Studying, talking and sharing; It's just fun.
7. I love the Uruguayan expressions and sayings. Not sure how I'll say some stuff when I return.
6. JESSICA GOT MURRIED!!!!! Doesn't feel real but whatever haha
5. The power of the B.O.M. to make righteous decisions
4. I was looking back on my mission journal. I'm really glad I decided to write every single day, it's awesome having it.
3. All of the crazy amount of treats I have.... fat.
2. Gastòn and Yesica came to church together as a family!!!!! For the first time in like 6 months!!!
1. The progress that M. has shown!!!!! SO legit! 

Love you, 

Elder Richmond

Brandon says these pics are 4 weeks worth of pics. Also, they download in random order so the captions don't always make sense with the sequence!

 Fotos from the DANK Brazilian place 3 weeks ago! 

 One sendoff night for the elders 3 weeks ago

 Elder Cruz, new Zone Leader

My comp always lays down when we have 1 spare second

 Fun MOA copy sandwich I made 2 weeks ago

 Moldy belt!!!! SOOO MOLDY!!! I have to shine it

 We walk a lot haha

 My package attack

 I made my comp make Tortas Fritas with me last week 
because he always just wants to lay down haha

 Last p-day in La Paloma! We played soccer and rugby! 

 My package! New insoles! SAMBAS!!! So stoked on everything!!!

 The La Paloma chapel!!!

 The district minus the Zone Leaders who are also in our zone

 Meat sauce I always make because we never have lunch two days a week haha

 My new agenda! The DON haha nobody will understand why it's funny.

 Thanks for the tie Hoffman Family!!!!!! And the rest of the package! So many yummy treats!!! 

 A seafood lunch we were given, testing me haha

 Chorizo last night. 
We had some really old chorizo frozen and wanted to use it

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