Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Brandon's Fifty Third Email! August 8th, 2016

Hey family....
So I took out my belt after about a month in the closet. SOOOO moldy and nasty. Thank you San Diego for not being so humid. The city would look so much different here without mold. Everything white is grey.

So last week on Tuesday after I emailed we went to a brazilian meat house and I had the best food of my mission and maybe the best meat of my life. For sure something super unique. A really fun experience... I had a really fun p-day last week, and it was fun talking to people who speak portuguese, I was messing around and saying some stuff because a man in a store couldn't understand spanish really.

So Wednesday morning we woke up at 4am to go to the bus station and help with luggage for Elder Delgado and Elder Perry. It was sad saying bye to them! They were like my two closest friends in the zone, and Elder Delgado is gone gone so I won't see him again. He wrote me though and is super nice. He told me, "Look on your desk when you get home," and he had left me a super cool tie and an Uruguay cup! Super nice!

Hymn number 226. In english. I was reading the hymnbook a little after Sher's last email and I felt like this hymn was chastising me for complaining about the winter, so I take it all back! hahah 

I got my suitcase fixed by a less active member for 100 pesos!!!!!!!!!! If you can't get them to church, I guess you haven't failed if they save your life when it comes to transfers! 100 pesos is like 3 dollars and 30 cents, so nothing. He fixed like all of the zippers.

My comp emailed President last week and included the pregunta aceca de mate and the mission president said there is no rule he has seen that says we can't drink it so we are like allowed to drink it now! hahah funny, I don't even really want to drink it because it messes up your teeth if you don't brush right after, but just a fun lil change.

This week Mirna came to church again and is super legit! Other than her we have been visiting other people who haven't been following through with what they said they'll do, so we'll try and help them do those things so they can also know that this church is true!!!

I'm loving the Book of Mormon, reading it in lessons more, in contacts more, I've been carrying it always in my hand and it's helped haha.

I don't know, I wouldn't say we've had tons of success in this area like my last, but I'm happier by a million times than I was in El Pinar because I know that if I'm doing everything I can, that's okay, and that is what's asked of me. I have told so many people about the scriptures and Jesus and I know that that is something that can help all of them. Obviously it's sad seeing people reject something that would help them so much, but maybe they'll accept it later. I'm happy that I've been able to realize what are the things I can do and what are the things other people need to do. I am still excited for this 5 weeks here to be able and try and do everything so that we can help all of the people we've talked to be able to go to church! We can always do a little more!

Top Ten.

10. It's been kind of warmish some days!
9. The bathroom is getting more complete and won't be nasty!
8. I made a dank sandwich they sell in the MOA that I thought was nasty when Sheridan first showed it to me, but now I love it. Apples, ham and cheese and like cinnamon. I probably didn't make it right but it was good! 
7. Fun things at home. I think every person I know got or is getting married this summer.
6. I got a new missionary agenda, love getting a lil fresh start every 6 weeks 
5. The DANK lunch in Brasilllllll
4. My comp completed his first change in the mission!!!
3. We found a new investigator last night. We arrived after he had heard about his friend passing away and it wasn't a coincidence
2. The Book of Mormon is such a special and unique book
1. Mirna is progressing a ton! We are going to invite her to be baptized on a specific date in our next lesson

Love you all, love Uruguay,

Elder Richmond

Bathroom destroyed

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