Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Brandon's Fifty First Email! July 25th, 2016


hahaha I'm really happy to know they say that in Brazil too! they (usually more the cowboy type) say this instead of hola. Usually the guys that ride in like trailers that a horse pulls, kind of like a 1 hp car.. (No idea what he's saying here?)

So my hands are frozen and I can't type, so this will be short!

We had interviews on Wednesday and it was great! The conference, the interview, the President and his family, it was really cool! 

I had a dream about pop tarts... soooo random! 

On Friday we got on the 4:40 am bus to Montevideo for the new missionary conference and I started barfing like 10 minutes into the ride and the whole 3 hours was to the bathroom and back repeatedly! Super not fun! Once we got there I was fine, and the conference was really fun and I really enjoyed it. I am really excited to see other people with new missionaries also and know that it is something a little stressful for everyone! 

I ate cow tongue the night before, maybe that was the barfing problem. 

I gave a talk in church yesterday about The Book of Mormon and it was fun! Everyone here is super nice and says wow great talk! Even though I'm sure half of them don't understand half of my words with my gringo accent! hahah 

I had some pics and thought I downloaded them but it didn't work, and my convertor broke so I will try and send them next week! ahhh.. super annoying! 

Anyway, that was my week! Christie sent really fun pictures of Jack and Sheridan got to go to the temple! 

Top Ten! Not in order

-Interview with President
-The conference of interviews
-The new missionary conference
-2 investigators came to church (the same two as 2 weeks ago)
-Sheridan hits 6 months in the mission this week!
-Ladd is going to Salvador South Brasil!!!!! So rad! 
-Gabions at home look sweet! 
-Had some miracles this week using The Book of Mormon
-We have handed so many out recently and like had really spiritual experiences

Bottom 2

-Barfing so much
-It's raining and I don't know how to dry clothing! 

But everything here is great, love you all, super thankful for the examples or support you all give me!

Elder Richmond

The one that made me the scarf!!

So happy!
Other photo

Lunch last p-day. Huge and really cheap. 
Really healthy too I think haha

 Mate celestial 
(shredded coconut in place of mate, and milk instead of water)


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