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Brandon's Twenty First Email! December 28th, 2015

Well, It feels crazy that this is week 22!

Early in the week there was a crazy storm! In the night it did thunder and lightning so much and so strong and the rain was pouring and it was like a scary movie, I took a video but it's too big to send! In 19 months I can show you guys!  haha. But the next day we were walking and a death cloud came and we were soaked. Like every step you could feel the water in your shoes type of soaked! 

Since then, it has been super hot! Christmas day was a break from that, but besides that, it has been super duper hot. Like can't stay dry because you're too sweaty. It's kinda interesting with dress clothes and tie, but it's all good!

Mom, Christie, or Sheridan, Can you send me a recipe to make corn tortillas? And if possible to make without equipment. Also angels food cake, which then would only be necessary If I had the Richmond Rocky Road recipe (MOM!) Thank you!

A scripture I really liked this week was 3 Nephi 15:9. ( it up! Maybe with computers nowadays, you can click on my email and it'll come up haha.

I don't have much to say this week, because we SKYPED this week and I already told you like everything. 

We had a multi-zone conference in Maldanado, and it was great! That took practically all day. Then Christmas Eve we had a zone activity and ate lunch together and did caroling and played a game called signals and watched the Christmas devotional and it was really fun to spend time with the other elders! 

Christmas morning during weekly planning the zone leaders walked past our house and we were all confused but then we saw they had left a couple cinnamon rolls for us in a tupperware. It was so nice, they did it for everyone in the zone. I've been really blessed to have zone leaders so far to be able to easily see why they're leaders. 

Then we had skype which was great! Before that, the lunch was good! I don't think I've ever eaten so much meat! Then they gave us those mini Alfajores! Yummmm haha.

Natasha is planning to get baptized the 16th of January, which is great. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying, which all is new for her, but is feeling the answers to her prayers. She told us about how she felt the spirit urging her to call an old friend for the United States, and when she called, her friend really had needed a little pick me up. It was great to hear. 

She didn't come to church yesterday, we're not sure what happened, but we have a lesson later today so we will see!

2 weeks until transfers! Not that I'm counting down or anything! hahah.

Top Ten!

10. All the treats the members gave us this week!
9. Cooking! This week: banana bread and covered brownies!
8. My personal studies focused on the life of Christ, really were some of my favorite hours of my mission.
7. I really enjoy Church music. A lot more than when I left.
5. The zone leaders dropping off cinnamon rolls. Yes, I do like cinnamon rolls, but was more touched by them doing something nice for everyone else with no reward whatsoever.
4. The Multizone conference!
3. Watching the Christmas Devotional! Remembering Christmas in its true form.
2. Sheridan was able to make it to do Skype! THANK YOU
1. Got to Skype with family and Sheridan, so crazy to see everyone! Really thankful for my wonderful blessings of my family. 

Love you guys! 

Elder Richmond

 Multizone conference!

 Banana bread 

Brownies with chocolate topping

 Banana bread

Christmas night

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