Monday, December 21, 2015

Brandon's Twentieth Email! December 21st, 2015

So we had our mission Christmas conference. It was really nice. It was all songs and we had lunch and saw friends from our group and stuff. I am really enjoying this Christmas season because I feel like I have gotten to know the life of Christ so much more and actually understand a little bit more of what he actually did for us. There is a phrase in the Plan of Happiness pamphlet that says something like "Jesus Christ's Atonement makes eternal life possible," and that is so true. That is so important to understand. I'm happy that I have been able to learn just a tad more about that.

One song I really loved was "Oh Holy night". I really loved that.

Kaysea Watkins served in El Pinar! The Laveiga family knew her and I was like wait! I totally know her! I've been on tons of trips with her, our families were like always together!!! Kinda crazy to know she has been in the same house here in Uruguay haha. Side note. Their son says he hates Americans and refuses to acknowledge me so that's a little interesting.

The cake prep finally payed off!!! I made the cake, after 2 weeks of getting ingredients in different places, (crushing cloves because they don't have ground cloves), making applesauce, and a lot of compromises, I made the cake! It wasn't mom standard, but it was fun to do. 

I also made Banana Bread and that was kinda bad also, our oven is horrible!

This email is gonna be short.

We have one investigator who is great! Her name is Natasha, and she came to church this Sunday. She is really great and is like interested and we have already taught mostly everything so we will see how that goes this week!

I'm excited for Skype, I'm excited knowing I have a package from mom and Sheridan coming!

We (He and his companion) got along pretty well this week. I practically for sure am leaving this change so I don't wanna take anything for granted haha. 
Well I'll talk to you Friday, but here is my top ten NOT IN ORDER.
10. Skype with family and Sheridan this Friday!
9. Christmas conference!
8. Going to the beach today, seeing little waves. So grateful for San Diego.
7. Banana bread!
6. Making the dank birthday cake!
5. Natasha is legit! 
4. Christ's sacrifice in our lives!
3. 3 Nephi 5:13
2. Oh holy night
1. Healthy, happy, and all good in Uruguay!

 Elder McMillian! Dunna why I look so white!

 Elder Balke and me in the bus (yes, it is me, not I)

 Ward activity Saturday night.

 Banana Bread!!!! Didn't turn out great hahah

 Apple sauce cinnamon spice!!



 Happy boy

 Dankness. (Not as dank as from mom)

 Happy. Fat.

 Gave half of my half to Elder Stewart for his birthday today (refrosted the sides)

 The beach today. This would probably be the sickest point break ever. 
These were like knee to waist longboarding waves. Looked so fun. Peeling

 Longest point break ever on the right swell?

Elder Rodriquez from Peru

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