Thursday, January 14, 2016

Brandon's Twenty Third Email! January 12th, 2016

Hey guys! 
Well p-day last week was kinda weird! I got sick on the bus back to El Pinar and got home and got in our gate and starting throwing up and threw up that night, so we didn't leave. Then I was still throwing up Tuesday and Wednesday but only in the mornings! But someone tried to break into our house! I sent the pic, but it's sketch, but luckily they didn't get in! I sent a picture of the door jam! 

So we taught Natasha and her brother joined us and is now investigating. That was the highlight of the week missionary wise haha. It was a VERY slow week. She had a baptismal date but we were going to change it so she could do it with her bother, but we don't have another lesson with them until probably tomorrow, once I'm TRANSFERRED.

Before I talk about that. I found tons of old records from Kaysea Watkins, and we tried contacting them, and one has a return appointment for Thursday! It was fun talking to people knowing she'd talked to them too! Such a small world!

So I'm getting transferred tomorrow to Paso de los toros!!!
I think it's like inland, but I really don't know much about it, I'll let you know next week!!! My comp is Elder Gering, I know nothing about him either!! 

I don't have that much to say this week, it's super hot, I got murdered by mosquitos. Mosiah chapters 2-5 should be read by everyone. And the current liahona is President Monson now! We're so lucky to have a prophet who is here to guide us!!

Top Ten

10. Sheridan leaves for her mission in 2 weeks!!
9. Natasha and her brother now are investigating!
8. The Circuit family card!! Thanks!
7. The Wards sent me chocolates and nice cards from bunch of people in the ward! 
6. I like words in spanish that describe things, they're funny. (paraguas, sacacorchos)
5. The bread I made was dank! With Elder Balke's grandmother's recipe!
4. We got to go to the temple today and it was great! I understand almost almost everything now.
3. Going to have Elder Gering as a comp! I've heard he is nice!
2. Going to Paso do los toros! Excited for a new area
1. Had a wonderful time in El Pinar, got to meet tons of people who follow Christ in their everyday lives. You can see the happiness that they have from this.

 Someone tried to break in

 I made bread

 Tried to draw a wave

 I did one loaf cinnamon-y

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