Monday, May 15, 2017

Brandon's Ninety Second Email! May 13th, 2017

So first of all, sorry Casey, I remembered your birthday, even had it in my things to write, but just forgot, Happy Birthday!!!!! And Happy late birthday to Chandler also! And Happy birthday to Chase!!!! So many birthdays!

So this week we had a normal MondayTuesday we had a conference and then intercambios after in our area. I was with Elder Perez and it was a good day! I love when we have time to be in our own area!! We took them home that night because the next morning we went to the mission home kind of early to go to the zone 33... We got to eat breakfast with the Eddy kids who were going to school, so good! Homemade cinnamon rolls and like egg/potato mix thing!!! 

President had lots of stuff to do so I drove to 33 which is like 3 hours away so that he could make calls and write messages while we drove so that was really fun! We had a good conference and it was really fun seeing Elder Montiel and Bravo, who I lived with and who was the financer, they are really funny!!! Then I got to drive to Melo... it's like one hour away but they are doing major repairs so in some parts it is just dirt and it takes like 1.5 hours.... We got there and did divisions with the ZL's in their area. I was with Elder Zacarias and again, a good night, but now it's getting cold!! Like you see your breath sooo much and my hands get so chilled!!! 

In the morning we had the conference in Melo with a really good lunch. The guy was making pizza on a charcoal stove and was bringing out a million fresh pizzas and we were all sitting around tables taking pieces of new pizzas. Then, I got to drive all the way home and got a new PR for longest consecutive driving time haha. The part from Melo to 33 where there is good asphalt, with President's sporty car, with the REALLLLYYYY pretty views of huge rolling plains, was one of the most enjoyable driving settings I've ever had! Like so pretty with really long sweeping turns. I was kind of feeling bad because I'm on a mission and it was too fun to be driving haha.

When we got back, we met up with the Eddy family at the amazing restaurant for his goodbye dinner, and I ate the most rare steak of my life, and it was soooo good! Like soooo good I can't type it. Then we had really good ice cream and it was really fun being with their family! They're so awesome, it's crazy seeing how much happier a family can be when they set good habits and follow the commandments! 

So yesterday on Friday we had the new missionary conference and it was good and relaxed because there were only 4, plus their trainers. When that ended we picked up a short term missionary and took him to our area and worked in a trio for the afternoon. In the nighttime, we went to another zone and got an elder that was going home, dropped off the short term missionary, then took the secretaries home. We got home pretty late, and had to wake up at like 5am to take him to the airport this morning. So my comp and I went and it all worked out so that's good! Now it's p-day, we are like playing ping pong, and deciding what to eat for lunch... pretty laid back...

This coming week, we have the visit of Elder Packer, so two conferences and a mission council, so that'll be really fun. I think on Tuesday we are going to have the meeting to talk about changes and so next week on p-day we'll be getting my new companion, because the following week is changes. My comp Elder Mora is going home! :(( 

It's been hard in our area because we just haven't been there much.... It's been hard to keep contact with our investigators and I really hope that we can solidify things this week. Sonia should be getting baptized in a week, like she is totally cool, but we need to teach her a lot! But, it's all possible!!! 

I love being here, I also love seeing pictures of Jack and Miles... Jack is like a little model boy!

Well, I hope everyone is well, we'll Skype tomorrow so that's fun! (Someone take a little video of Sheridan Skyping!!! She´s not emailing this week so that video would be really cool!!)

Love you all!! 

Elder Richmond

The van from last week.... lameee

But made pizza to cope

And an asado from last Sunday that a member made for lunch!!!! 
Soooo good and not healthy and kinda different stuff. 
ChichulĂ­n is that funny looking thing on the left middle (it's like stomach intestines I think), 
then there are chorizos, left front, pulpa de vaca in the back (huge chunk of cow), 
and corn, and bell peppers with bacon, egg, and cheese grilled.... 

And a veryyyyyyy interesting member from my ward... 
Says such like mean stuff but he is like joking so I guess it's okay haha he's old.

Made bbq pizza w/o the chicken because those things are expensive haha 

 Yummy dinner as a send-off for my companion! 

From yesterday... Elder Xavier and Elder Terrazas

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