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Brandon's Ninetieth Email! April 29th, 2017

This week we had lots of conferences! Tuesday through Friday! We had a little bit of time each day in the afternoon night, like 3 hours or so, which is stressful because we have a handful of people progressing right now, and are trying to keep good contact with them! 

Congrats to Sheridan because she will be training a new missionary again!!! To end the mission, which is super rad!!! And she'll also be in Garanhuns when Elder Xavier goes home so he'll totally meet her!! 

Also, congrats to Sophie who is getting baptized back home today! I think we may have met once or so, but still, that's such a great decision that will only help you grow closer to Christ, and will be such an important one in your life!! 

So last Saturday, I forgot to mention but literally right before we emailed we had come from President's house where we cooked and ate tacos together that my comp made!! I just helped chop, then did tortillas while he was spicing everything, they were so dank!!!

We had an intercambio on Tuesday afternoon and it was good. I was with Elder Bean, who is also going home this transfer! 

So Sonia, that really cool lady we found last week totally went to Stake conference which was sooo rad!!!! She is really really cool!!! She has depression which is sad, but I know that this will be a message that is understandable, and will help her overcome the adversity!! We all have some type of adversity, and Christ is the common cure. He can help each one of us so individually because he has felt and suffered everything that we will!!

Martin and Yenny and their kids are doing so well and are so cute!!! So they will go back on Friday to receive a date in which they can get married!!! We are, and they're so excited!!! And they have the baptismal date for the 20th! With Sonia! So they are reading and praying and learning so much!!! They have changed so much since I first met them!!! I contacted her when I was on an intercambio with that elder from the U.S. that had been in Uruguay for like 4 days, and she was pretty rough, but now they are like trying to help out other people and do what's right!! The gospel works miracles!! 

Anyway, we did an oven asado for lunch today, came and played pingpong, and we'll go home soon! Kind of a boring p-day, but that's okay! The office elders had a service project, and we're the only ones that have p-day on Sat. My comp was like ahhh I don't care what we do on p-days... I only have three left after this one.. which is so crazy! And the last one we will go and get my new comp, so really like 2 left... I'll sure miss him! 

I made a Top Ten!!!

10. Pizza/calzone that I made the other night for the first time in SOOO LONG! 
9. The asado today! I love boniato! 
8. I love after cleaning, the few hours the house is clean before it gets messy again
7. President drove past this really cool place called Punta Ballena for like 10 minutes on our way back from Maldonado! SO PRETTY!!! 
6. Sister Eddy two of the mornings had breakfast for us! It was so nice! Really good omelette, and then french toast with cream and buttermilk syrup!! 
5. P-day last week with the Eddy family and President's parents was really fun, I love their fam! 
4. The conferences; This week they were in La costa, Minas, Maldonado, and Rocha!!
3. Sheridan is training again!! The best missionary!!
2. I love being a missionary!!!
1. Sonia and Martin and Yenny and their family just make me so happy!!!

Love you guys!!! Thanks for everything!!

Elder Richmond

 Punta ballena


Fun p-day last week with the Eddys...
 I totally forgot to mention it last week hahah, so forgetful when I email...

 We went over and made lots of soft tacos, it was so good, with sour cream... 
and President made salsa and we had three types of meat. My comp cooks so well!!!! 
Enjoy the frilly apron haha. Sister Eddy has like a whole line up and they're all pretty girly. 

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