Monday, May 15, 2017

Brandon's Ninety First Email! May 6th, 2017

So this week we had a lot of silly things happen, which was a little distracting from what I really want to be doing... teaching everyone about Christ! 

So each day Monday-Friday we had a conference... in Este, MaroƱas, Durazno, Florida, and Norte! Each day they have food and it's really unhealthy! I feel so fat and bad!!! But the conferences have been going well! We have three more next week, then new misisonary conference! 

Over a year ago Elder Gehring launched this green sticky man (little toy) up at the ceiling in the sacrament room and we went and it was still there!!  I couldn't believe it!!! 

So we have been getting home at like or 7 o clock depending on where the conference is, so not a ton of time in our area! On Tuesday night I was with Elder Vanderlinden and we had a good couple hours planned and something crazy happened and we had to leave from there and kind of had to abandon all of our plans, but it was crazy, I'll tell you about it when I get home! Then the next night we parked the car behind the church behind the big gate and everything, and Thursday morning we went to go to President's house to go to Florida and the doors were opened and I was like oh no, and as we walked up we saw that they had broken the window to unlock the car, went through, stole my cellphone, my USB, and all the little random things like the office clicker and other things, rummaged through the whole car, and stole the battery too. So President picked us up and when we got home we had to go to the police station to file a report so that the insurance would come get it. We went and it was in such a rough area!! There was lots of crazy stuff going on and it took like two hours, but I have officially made a denuncia in Uruguay. So then we called the tow truck and he came and they were going to take it to the area offices parking lot, and he told us that someone had to go with him so obviously we both went and it was so late, we took a cab home and got home and in bed really late! So lame! We did like a million contacts between all of the taxistas we met and the crazy people in the police office! Got a really cool reference for the secretaries! 

So on the brighter side, Sonia is doing great, physically has been sick, but has been reading and is loving it. Martin and Yenney got their wedding date!!! Good and bad! So it's June 1st!! We're so excited because we can plan the little party in the church for their wedding, and the baptism, but it's after Elder Mora leaves!! They said it was the first available date!!! So lame!!!!!!!!! But we're excited for them... their little girl of 3 years finally opened up this week and is soooo cute!! I love all of the little crazy kids!!! 

I'm loving it here. I feel so blessed by the safety of home also. Jessica sent a video that Sheridan and I had made from home and it is just so relaxed and safe.... Like it looked so fun and I remember that I wasn't scared about getting robbed or people doing anything crazy! Plus being with Sheridan looked like a dream too haha. 

I know that if any person decides at any point in their life to repent of the wrong things they have done, and follow Christ like He has asked us, they will be SO happy! Like a happiness that doesn't compare to any of the false happiness that comes from worldly things! 

Sorry mom, I didn't make a Top Ten.

Love you!!!

Elder Richmond

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