Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Brandon's Eighty Ninth Email! April 22nd, 2017

So this week or last the weather has changed a lot and it's totally like leaves are falling, cold in the morning and at night, and kind of raining more. Clothes super hard to dry and everything. We've been wearing sweaters this week! Crazy!! 

So last Sunday, Easter Sunday we had one of the best days of my mission. We actually had soooo much to do, but the Eddys invited us and the other elders from our home over for dinner and a message. So We went to the offices to work, went home and got the elders, went to dinner and it was great, then they asked Elder Vanderlinden to share a spiritual experience from the mission, Elder Peterson to play a piano song, and us to share an easter message. It was really great, with his parents there also, and it was really spiritual there in the mission home. Then President talked for like 15 minutes and it was really awesome to hear from him, his testimony and some thoughts he shared with us about serving the Lord throughout all of our lives. It was something I'll never forget...

Then we took the missionaries home and went back to the offices. We finished all of our work, and got in bed at 1.30am! I was so tired the next morning when we woke up at 5:30 to get ready for the meeting. It all went well though and we had our presentation all ready and it was good. I love the Book of Mormon, I will use it and the Bible all my life as a guide!!! 

Also, we had normal days Tuesday through Thursday.... 3 days in a row!! Normal! It was so weird!!! Like all day in our area! It was awesome, we got so much done! I didn't drive in three days, no office for three days, it was really interesting!! It was also the last time this whole transfer that we will work in the morning!!! Every day this transfer T-F we have a conference, Mondays we go early to do the calls to ZL, and Sat is p-day, and Sundays are church! So like 4.5 weeks with no mornings, kinda sad! 

Conferences start this Tuesday and we'll have them till Friday! And in 3 weeks A GA(General Authority) 70 is coming to our mission to do a three day mission tour!! It'll be really fun! 

So we had miracles this week!! I'm so pumped! Like I've gotten a lot better at wanting the best for people, but not beating myself up too much if THEY don't want the best for themselves.

So on Wednesday we met a woman named Sonia, like 60 years old, and she opened up to us and told us about a lot of sad things in her life. We gave her a Book of Mormon and read a bit together, and invited her to read it and pray about it, ask God if it's true, also to come to this South America Broadcast from Elder Nelson that happened that night at 8pm. She totally came, and we gave her a tour of the chapel and she told us that she had already been reading, and had ALREADY received her answer, she was pumped! She wants to get baptized on the 20th of May. We visited her yesterday and had another great lesson, and she is coming to church tomorrow if everything goes right! 

So the family we teach, the parents Martín and Yenney went to the marriage office and made the request for their marriage!!! Now they have to wait 9 business days and go back, but we're so excited for them, they all came to church on Sunday also! They are planning on getting baptized on the 20th of May also.

Sonia has introduced us and talked about us to a ton of neighbors! I think we'll have a teaching pool of a bunch of nice elderly ladies now!! Haha very fun. We've had great spiritual lessons lately reading about our Savior in the Book of Mormon! I love that book so much that teaches us about the greatness of Christ, and the love of God!! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! I love you!!!! You are the best and I'm glad you had a good birthday!! You're the best mom in the whole world and I'm so lucky!!!! 

Love you all, hope that all is well, if it's not, just keep pushing on and do what you know you should! 

Elder Richmond 

 I think that it is so cool how dry beans can become refried beans!! Like they change so much! 

We were teaching a guy about Christ inviting us to make changes in our life, and how that makes us happier. 
We talked about how smoking had been a negative thing in his life and we asked him to stop smoking and he said he'd try, so he let us take his stuff away so at least that day he couldn't smoke, so we took it home and threw it all away. The boxes here have gross sicknesses on them that you can get from smoking, but it still doesn't stop anyone. 

 Rainy day in our area. 
We like never take pictures so we took my camera one day 

 This cool little lookout point we stopped to this morning,
 in between the offices and the Mission home
It's called Malvín beach

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