Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Brandon's Eighty Sixth Email! April 3rd, 2017

So, Uruguay's most famous person, the soccer player, Luis Suarez... I saw him last week driving his car... It was really funny... I was like I think I just saw Luis Suarez... his face is EVERYwhere here so it was funny to actually see him in real life. He was driving a really nice Audi drinking mate with a friend.

A couple weeks ago we had an asado and it was super good, BUT, we also ate cow intestine... It was pretty ehhhhh... I don't know why but it had a really weird taste! 

This week was good. As I said last week, on Tuesday we got up early and went to 33, had the conference, did divisions there with the ZL, then went to Melo, did divisions, and spent the night there. In the morning we continued divisions, then made the long drive home to Montevideo! 

We had a really good day on Thursday..
Wait, so last Sunday the family we started to teach with 4 kids (from the cake) came to church and really liked it! It was awesome. They left a little early because the kids were getting a little crazy but the kids and the parents loved it so much! They are like totally planning on getting married, they started quitting smoking, so that they can get baptized! But the lady, Yenny, introduced us to her neighbors and we had a lesson with them and they also were very receptive so that was awesome that Yenny liked it so much she already wants to share with her friends! The kids are really cute.. We went over there and the 8 year old Lucia jumped up so happy and ran over and hugged us and was like, "Are we going to talk more about Jesus?" And it was so precious! 

So very sadly they didn't come to conference this week because they legit had nothing for their kids to eat... They totally had said they were coming, planned on it, the night before we had a great lesson, but then they left to go try and find food for the kids. Very sad for a couple reasons! I know that when they make the firm decision to always go to church that God will bless them with their needs.

We only had one person come to conference which is so sad because it was SO awesome!!! I loved it. I felt a lot of impressions, like things that I thought God wanted me to learn from the things that were being said. I am excited to review my notes and apply the things I felt! I think that it is so special that we have a prophet and apostles to do this work! They can help guide us just in the way that the prophets of old did it. 

We rearranged our house on Saturday morning during our half p-day and now I'm writing during my other half... on a Monday which is super weird!! I do not feel well at all right now which is always annoying, but as Elder Peterson says, "There are worse things," haha.

Shoutout to my family for trying to figure out BYU classes and getting all that fun stuff figured out! I also made a voice thing but somebody took my connecting cord so shoutout to them too! 

This week we have intercambios each day, it'll be fun! It goes by really, really quickly! I can't believe we are already in the last full week of this transfer!! My comp only has 7 weeks left! That's pretty sad! 

Also Shoutout to Sheridan for teaching and baptizing like 5 million people! So exciting to see so many people changing their lives like that! 

I've been reading the teachings of Jesus from the New Testament lately and I like seeing how the Book of Mormon does not add or take away anything from the gospel of Jesus Christ as taught in the Bible! 

I love being a missionary for the true church of Jesus Christ. Feeling like I am doing the best I can to serve Him who has saved us is a good feeling. 

Love you all!! 

Elder Richmond

 The night of President's birthday! 

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