Monday, April 17, 2017

Brandon's Eighty Eighth Email! April 15th, 2017

This week was the week of transfers, starting with last Sunday we had the last meeting to finalize transfers, then a DANK dinner with the Eddys, including President's parents who are in town, and they are so nice it's insane. Like so service oriented and just wow, good people. We had enchiladas with all of the great toppings you could think of. 

Monday we had our meetings and it all went well, we had lots of calls to make afterwards in prep for the changes, and it all worked out well. It is kind of long for me when we have to call people, but it's nice when everything goes according to the plans. So a new sister was coming and her plane got messed up so they told us she'd get there at 9am Wednesday, which was a nice little curveball, because she'd miss all of the new missionary orientation. So Tuesday morning we went and picked up the other three new missionaries with the Eddys, brought them to Carrasco, had all of the new missionary stuff which went well. They are all really cool and nice. We had lunch, then the presentations, then dinner and it was all so good! Then after we got to play basketball with the office elders, Brandon and Jake, and the new elder, who was super good. It was so fun!! Then we finished and met with President for the trainer assignments to the new missionaries, which was really fast because there are only 4, and then we slept at the hostle. Wednesday morning we did the trainer training meeting, then the other sister got there. They met their trainers and they went off to Tres Cruces. The sister that arrived, and her trainer stayed and we did all of the new missionary stuff over again with her haha. It would be awkward but she was a good sport and it went well. 

After, someone else picked them up and took them to the doctor and to their area. We stayed and were with the finishing missionaries for lunch, then went to the offices to prepare a few things, then back to our area. We had a great lesson with Yenney, then we had a ward family night, super great, Michel's mom came!!! Then we headed back to Carrasco to get the sisters and take them to a house in Malvin to stay the night. The Eddys have the dinner with the ending missionaries that night and they always leave food for us. Breaded chicken breast and mashed potatoes, and dank bread!! YUM. We didn't think we were going to be able to, but we got to be in the hostle that night too. We had to wake up at 3 am this time, which is better than last change, and take people to the airport. Then at 10, then at like 2. So spread out throughout the day. It all worked out great though, no problems. 

That night we had a great lesson with Martín, and he showed us his suit he has to get married to Yenney, that they've been wanting to do for a while. We are like trying to push them to do the things to actually get married, (go to the offices etc.) but he was super awesome.

Friday we had a good day. We had lessons with some people we haven't met with for a while because of our schedule, and they're doing well. We had invited everyone to be baptized and set a lot of dates yesterday. 

Today we had p-day and played ping pong and made burritos... Super relaxed and fun! 

I love reading the Bible and Book of Mormon. I feel like the Bible gives us such a good example of Jesus to follow, and the Book of Mormon explains really simply why Jesus is so important and how he fits into everything. The two together clarify everything!! 

I love being here and knowing and learning about the simple fact that if we are willing to own up to our deficiencies and improve, accepting Christ as the way to do it, being baptized and honoring that decision, we can be forever happy! Like I am happy doing a lot of things, surfing, biking, being with friends... but nothing other than this gospel will bring lasting happiness!

Thanks family, especially Christie and Daniel for having precious babies! #JackandMilesforprez

Love you, Elder Richmond

 My shoes are dead. I retired them two nights ago. 

 My comp made Chilaquiles... so dank!! 

 Today my comp made burritos of pork with jalapeños (we found them here!!!!!!!)
So dank!!! 

 Sunday night goodbye dinner for Elder Montiel

On Tuesday night after the new missionaries got there, Brandon wanted to play a little basketball with the one new elder (actually from Uruguay, he is going to Salt Lake, and is waiting for his visa. He played on the Urugayan national youth basketball team and is really good.) And it was only 8, and it's kind of just rest time for the new missionaries, so President said we could play for a little before the meeting we were going to have with him, and we played for like 45 minutes and it was sooo fun!!!! Like the first thing not planned that I have done in so long!! And President and Sister Eddy and President's parents came out with chairs and watched and it was really fun! 

We like played full on (half-court) even in our suit clothes, it was funny haha. The new elder is on the far right! 

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