Monday, April 10, 2017

Brandon's Eighty Seventh Email! April 8th, 2017

Hey family!

So we had a good week, we had intercambios like each day so it is a little confusing for me because I really only know about half of what's going on... But good! We found some new people to teach, we have had some good lessons with the father of this family with 9 kids, which is really crazy, but he is really loving and he puts his kids in highest priority which is really cool to see in a time when we don't really see it that much.

I think I'm a little bit annoyed because yesterday during the afternoon there were SO many hoodrats everywhere just hassling us and making the day kind of hard. Even like on our way home, like 9:20 some kids starting throwing like huge chunks of cement at us. I was annoyed, just trying to practice patience and humility because naturally I'd really love to go and tell them to stop or to make them stop. It's amazing how big of a difference parents can make or not make in the lives of their children. I have never met a kid that throws stuff at us with two loving parents at home who teach them correct principles. I have seen kids without that that still choose a better way, so overall there is more to be grateful for, but I just feel bad for these kids that unless they change something, they will be adults in 20 years doing the same stuff, in the same place, with the same challenges.

I have been making a point of studying more the teachings of Jesus Christ and his examples lately in my studies, and it's been really helping me and I've been feeling really peaceful as I read it. Like of all of the little little things that pass each day, I'm very, very blessed. I love the scriptures because they teach us about our best example, Jesus Christ. Easter is coming up and it's a great moment to reflect a little bit on the effect that we let the life of Christ have in our lives. If we let it, it will guide and shape our lives. We will be his disciples, and we will be happy! Those videos on are awesome! 

We have transfers coming up this Wednesday, so we will start to have that stuff to do again. I'll keep it more brief because you've already heard it thee times, but we'll go over changes tomorrow afternoon, have dinner with the Eddys and the office elders. Then Monday we do a lot of preparations for changes like calls, etc. Tuesday the new missionaries arrive and it's really fun, but this change only 4 come so it'll be a little bit unique. We'll do the presentations for them, then for their trainers, then they go off. The leaving missionaries get here, which there'll be six, and we take them to the airport on Thursday. The first ones leave at 5 am, so a lot later than last time, and that'll be it. We'll have a meeting in preparation for the leadership meeting next week so we can prepare our workshop, and apart from that it'll be a normal week! Haha, it's always really interesting and it goes by really fast. It's hard because we won't be in our area much at all and so we'll try and keep some of our stuff alive by calling and talking to our investigators.

I have a pair of shoes I think I'm going to retire tonight, they're pretty jank. I had them on the other day and a little boy said, tus zapatos están rotos, vos no tenés otros? And that kind of killed me haha. 

This week we had to go to ciudad vieja so my comp and Elder Ucañaan, the secretary could pick up their cédulas. So Elder Childs and I got a smoothie at this place called tropical smoothie. I guess it's in the states, and it was really good!! That was a fun little treat for sure, and after a meeting with President yesterday they treated us to pizza and it was the best pizza I've had in 20 months!!! It was so dank! Like extreme pizza, that place that closed down by home.

I got to do an intercambio with Elder Vallecillos on Tuesday and it was really fun, he was a really good comp, like a really good buddy. It'll be fun to see all of them of those that are going up to Utah for school.  

Top ten not in order

10. That pizzaaaa
9. Thanks Christie for registering for me! 
8. Intercambio with Elder Vallecillos
7. Tropical smoothie
6. Another transfer week coming up
5. Teaching people how to repent and follow Christ is so gratifying when they see the improvement
4. We should have various people at church tomorrow
3. General conference was great and has been helping a lot my studies 
2. God protects us from all of the dogs and gurises that toss us things
1. I actually got to do excersizes this week!! haha it feels really good to feel sore

Those aren't in order right? 

Well, I love you all, have a good week,

Elder Richmond

 The above pics are at hat place Cuidad Vieja. 
We had to park in the center plaza independencia... pretty cool. 
It's so crowded there it's crazy! 

 The tallest building in South America at one point I think.... idk

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