Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Brandon's Seventy Eighth Email! February 4th, 2017

Hey, I have like no time to write. I guess with the ups of having a license, there are downs. We just spent like 6 hours driving to an area in the Durazno zone! Back where I was a year ago, we had to make a couple little changes, but it all worked out, but we got back kind of late, and have set lessons, so not like any time! 

We took a sister back in the van to this area and she shared Sour patch kids with us and it reminded me of those sour gummy snacks that they have at the BYU vending machines... Sheridan, what are those called?? Rippleables?

This week Michel got baptized!!! He is sooo legit!! I sent a pic earlier! 

Mom and dad, were you guys and Christie and Casey in a scene in a cheesy old church movie? If so, which one?

So, we had two multi zone conferences and I was talking to an elder that's in Rocha and he said some people that Elder Cristobal and I found and were teaching are like totally going to church and I was so stoked! Like even though we don't see all of the effects, I was so stoked to know some hard work has helped people find the truth! 

The other lady Paula brought her two kids to church this week and totally loved it again and is really excited!!! 

I don't have time to write more. Sorry mom, no Top Ten. But I did get to enjoy Hermana Eddy's cooking this week!! It was sooo good!!!!! My favorite pasta dish!!

I love being a missionary because I can share what makes me happy, and make other people happy!!

Love you all!

Elder Richmond


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