Saturday, January 28, 2017

Brandon's Seventy Seventh Email! January 28th, 2017

Soy sincero, soy franco... Just a silly thing people say sometimes if they don't want anything! 

Alright so this past week was great! Elder Stevenson visited, then the meeting on Wednesday went well, we have more p-day time and more relax time in the morning and at night! Pretty fun haha.

Today we have the baptism of Michel!!! He is sooo rad!!! I can't even believe it! I'm so stoked for him because he wants to get baptized soo badly and knows why completely! He is sooo intelligent and cool and I'm pumped for him that he is making this decision that will impact his life so much!! 

Paula didn't go to church last week because she was sick, and she like threw up at the beginning of our lesson so I totally believe her, but she has been reading the LDM (libro de Mormon) and even reading it and sharing it with her mother and friends! She is so excited to come to church again!! And she also said that she is coming to the baptism this afternoon!! 

I feel like a weird zombie right now because I've just been throwing up for the past 16 hours! I feel so thin and fragile and I hate it haha... Elder Bravo and I ate food and we both got exactly sick at the same time! Such a bummer! 

Okay, so I don't have a ton ready to say, I didn't prepare well to write today (last night was a bummer), but I'll try to make it better next week! I have a splitting headache and stomachache and a TON of pain in my upper left rib area! Like what the!!! I always feel soooo grateful for full health after being sick for a bit! But now is not the time to get sick, or ever, really, I'm so busy all the time!!! 

I'm loving it here, I'm loving getting the opportunity to see real people make big changes in their lives of eternal significance! What a blessing it is to be able to share something that makes me happy with our Brothers and Sisters of God. I'm so grateful knowing that any pain, discomfort, or sadness I experience, Christ already experienced it to be able to understand my feelings, my point of view, and encourage me to keep going and to work in faith always. He Agreed to be our Savior because he loves us more than we can understand here in this life. 

No matter what we're going through, if we remember that we can always have hope and be happy!

I'm sure happy!

Casual shoutout to Sheridan for having the craziest 4 weeks with transfers and stuff and just rolling with the changes (REO speed wagon)!!!!! I wouldn't be so patient I don't think!

Love you guys!!!

Elder Richmond


 The old ghetto van
We already had to trade it back :(

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