Monday, February 27, 2017

Brandon's Eighty First Email! February 25th, 2017

So, Elder Peterson and I are pretty clean, like really clean, and our housemates haven't been so much, but now with transfers we are going to...
1. Buy a trash bin like a tall normal one you might have in a house, and buy trash bags, instead of using plastic grocery bags as trash
2. Buy a pan.... with a handle!!!!!! 

It's going to be great.

We just drove like 7 hours to go pick up my new comp, Elder Mora, from...MEXICO!!!!!
He is from ciudad Juarez, Chihuana!! He is really cool, he has two transfers left in the mission so he will end here! 

Elder Palomino will be with us here until Wednesday and then he'll leave to his new area.

This week was great, but before I forget, Top Ten, not in order:

-Good intercambios
-New companion is really great
-We have a fun week to come with the new missionaries and stuff
-I love having investigators in church!!
-The ZL in our ward had two baptisms yesterday!!
-We have people with baptismal dates for the 4th and 11th. Two girls who have been coming for the last like month!! They're really cool. They are 15, totally don't know each other at all, but we've helped them become friends with some of the young women in the ward.
-I love our family!!!!
-The member missionary work in our ward is taking off!!

It's been so hot and humid!!! Like where we are totally sweating and there's just like nothing that you can do about it. 

We found some cool new investigators. It's kind of hard going into this week because we won't be in our area like much at all!

Elder Childs just bought a new candle for the office... stoked!!!! 

This next week we have the new missionaries coming, and sending off the ending missionaries. They are small groups this time! 

This last week we had three intercambios. 2 in our area and 1 in an area about an hour away! It's really fun having so much different stuff going on!!! 

Elder Hayden is also leaving as secretary so that's a bummer, he's been really cool. We'll see who Elder Childs' new comp is!! JK. I'd say but Elder Hayden is reading this right now... yeah Hayden... I see you

My shoes are breaking... bad.

I cut my own hair this week! 

I have been so so happy being totally up to date on my journal! I sometimes would be writing in it about days that happened like 4 or 5 days ago, but it's so fun just each night taking a minute to reflect on what we've done and what I've learned! I'm happy it´s something I've been able to do!!

Well, I hope everyone has a great week. Jack and Miles are so cute! I'm so excited to see them!!! 

Love you! Elder Richmond

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