Saturday, February 18, 2017

Brandon's Eightieth Email! February 18th, 2017


Mom, Dad, I hope that you're alright. I'm guessing that you're just skiing right? 

So last Monday Sister Eddy sent heart shaped sugar cookies to the office with President to share with us on pre-Valentine's day. They were SO good, then during our meeting with President he got a text and started laughing. He showed us his phone and he had texted her, "Thanks for the cookies! Everyone loved them," and she said, "Oh good, what kind of mission mom would I be if I didn't make heart shaped cookies for Valentine's day? But Brando (Eddy) was worried that it might make Elder Richmond miss his girlfriend." haha Brandon is so funny. But shoutout to V day like 2 years ago! Sheridan makes very good chicken enchiladas! 

This week was good. We had a conference in 33 on Tuesday. It's a department in Uruguay. Then we had divisions for like 3 hours, then we drove to MELO, the furthest zone in the mission, and had divisions with the ZL there for like 1.5 hours that night. I was with Elder Xavier, a super cool Brazilian who speaks english perfectly, and spanish obviously! Such a nice, loving guy. We slept there that night and did intercambios again while president was doing interviews. The drive home was like 5.5 hours maybe and we had a long discussion with President about some doctrinal topics and it was so cool! He like wasn't trying to, but he taught us a great lesson in how to study and search the scriptures, and would ask us questions and be like, "What do you guys think of...?" And I was like ummm hahah... But it was great, and we stopped and got really dank pizza on the way home! 

We had a ward activity that night and it was sweet! We had two investigators come and they enjoyed it!! I love my ward!!!!

Thursday we had a full day in our area and had a great lesson with Michel and an investigator who is 15. She has a baptismal date in like 2 weeks, that Saturday. She is really committed to follow the Savior and work on repenting and getting better each day! She has already come to church a few times. Michel surprises me more and more every single day! He works on his family history, hands out B.O.M.s, and comes with us and makes SUCH a big difference! He is so rad! 

Friday we had the new missionary conference! It all went well and we finished and then I drove a van overfilled to Tres cruces and it was funny. Pedal to the metal the whole way. 

After that, because my comp is leaving the offices this change, the Eddy's took us to dinner and then dessert at this realllly delicious restaurant and then a crepe place! The meat steak was probably the best I have ever eaten in my life! Indescribable! It was so weird being down in this little area! It was really trendy and reminded me of downtown La Jolla or Aliso Niguel! I felt so out of place! Then like 20 minutes later we were back in our area with trash bins tipped over in the street and horse pulled cars! Kind of an interesting change! 

This morning we made brunch for P-day! It was good, I sent photos.

It was a little hard this week because we were away so much, but this next week will be mostly in our area! I'm excited! Have 3 intercambios this week, then the following week is change week! Crazy how fast the time goes here!! 

Well, I love being here, and it's something that I've been thinking about. I want everyone, even people that don't wanna talk to us at all, know that I love being here and that I really just love those around me and want them to be happier.

Our fam isn't perfect, but I'm sure happy in my family that we have the gospel and know that every day we can be a little better and grow a little closer to our Savior, preparing to be together forever! 

Love you fam...

Sorry mom, forgot the Top Ten thing, but I'll try to do it next week! 


I got a letter from Jessica this week, thanks!!!! It was really sweet. 

Also, I got a letter from an unmarked letter, and I was so confused and opened it, and it was just "URT" -Elder Vallecillos huge on a piece of paper! The URT will go out unto all of the earth.... 

After a conference, since Elder Palomino is leaving this change, they invited us to dinner! I love their family, they are so fun to be with, and so nice to talk with. Such an incredible down to earth family! And Brandon the oldest son that's in these pictures is SO funny. He is like a mix of Austin and Ladd almost... like super funny comments all the time.

Our intercambio in Melo! We spent the night there. I was with Elder Wesley Xavier.... Sheridan is serving in his home ward in Garanhuns, Recife, Brasil!! It's such a small world! Elder Xavier is awesome too so that's cool! 

We made a really good brunch this morning! Crepes, eggs and bacon, and choc milk! 

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