Saturday, February 11, 2017

Brandon's Seventy Ninth Email! February 11th, 2017

I showed someone my little picture booklet and there is one surfing picture and they pointed out the seal on my board that Austin drew when I did ding repair and were like es una foca?! And it was really hard trying to explain why seals had a special spot in my heart. 

Also, driving here is pretty fun. It's like driving in the states but with random obstacles to make sure you're paying attention. Going like 100 KM/Hr and having a car with no lights pull out going 30 KM/HR. And you just pass whenever you want and people just make it work. Kind of like that Route in El Salvador (Dad). I don't drive even crazy compared to a true Uruguayo. I'll have to take classes again after the mish. 

This week was awesome, If I wasn't stoked on Michel last week, I'm even more stoked on him now! He has come to many lessons with us, creates such a natural spiritual setting with great questions and great personal feelings, and humbly wants to serve. Anyone in the church can be like him and serve! It doesn't matter if you've never done it before, if you've done it tons, you should call the missionaries and see when you can go out with them. Or better yet, talk to your homies and see who wants to meet them! I've heard so many conversion stories here in the mission and it all starts with friends being true friends!! People are SO grateful for their friends that introduced them to the church! 

My history teacher that I wrote like 6 months ago emailed me. It was super cool. He is totally Christian, and although not of our faith, a good Christian that lives like one. I think it's so great when people have their faiths and are accepting of people of others.

We had some mulitzone conferences this week and I think that you can see that the missionaries that put the most in, effort, concentration, heart... always will get the most out of their missions! 

I am so stoked on some of our investigators. We have had a lot of people be reluctant because they're old and think that they shouldn't change, or they're too tired to go to church etc., but we have some that are awesome, that are repenting and are progressing towards their baptisms. Paula is getting ready, we are trying to teach her so that she can get baptized on Saturday, but I doubt that with our schedule and hers that we can surely teach her everything and make the announcement tomorrow etc! But ASAP because this stuff is important!!! 

I'm LOVING driving, but not as much as the feeling of walking out of a spiritual lesson where people humble themselves to the point of recognizing the sacrifice and love that Christ has for us. He is the key to us being able to return happily to our loving Heavenly Father. So many people go errantes, (That is the spanish word for astray) looking in cheap, dirty things expecting to find the acceptance and love that only God and Christ offer us.

Top Ten.

10. I really enjoy learning from the Eddy family's example in living what we teach 
9. My history teacher is a cool dude
8. I've felt lots better drinking clean water/not eating 10 peso empanadas
7. Fun, relaxing p-day today!
6. Sheridan actually is in Elder Xavier´s ward in Brasil! Small world
5. The multizone conferences
4. We the missionaries organized a sick recent convert/investigator activity.
3. Michel is so legit. He will be SUCH a legit missionary.
2. Paula is so much happier now than when we first talked to her!
1. Family night with a young investigator couple and two member families! 
1. MILES. Super cute little fat new baby! Congrats Christie and Daniel!!! 

Love you all

Elder Richmond

No bakes! 

 This is from Christmas

This is from last p-day before we had to go drive really far.
Hermana Eddy made us Belgium waffles!!! 

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