Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Brandon's Eighty Second Email! March 4th, 2017

Hahaha they have so many funny sayings here. We were inviting a guy to go to church and he said this phrase like 30 times and my comp was like, well, brother______ that's great, we see your desires to be honest... 
they just say it as a saying though so he got all confused...

Well this week was crazy.. Sometimes I feel so sketchy and then I'm like oh this is what I'm supposed to be doing...
So we had transfers, super busy!!! Sunday we had a dank dinner at the Eddys' as a farewell for Hayden and Palomino leaving the offices. Hayden is going to be a ZL in NORTE, close to here. Palomino to be ZL in Melo, on the border of Brazil.
Monday was meetings and busy. Training my new comp in the things we have to do.

Tuesday was when we got the new missionaries, and it was good, we did our little welcome/training thing and my comp even spoke in english with the english speakers, it was really fun! That night we had the meeting with President to make the assignments. He is super legit and did lots of work before transfers to prep and so it all went faster than normal...

Wednesday was changes and we did training for the trainers, then there were lots of little things that had to be done like taking people here or there but it all worked out for a great time! The Eddys invite us over late after the finishing missionary dinner and fed us dinner also! So nice! 

It was really stressful because bus reservations, change notifications like sending out transfers, all kind of stresses me out because I don't want to forget anything! 

That night was crazy. Went to bed at 11, woke up at 12 to take one sister to the airport. She was the only one that had that flight so I went with Elder Childs and took her. It was so weird being with her at like 1 in the morning! Like normally that'd be so bad haha. She is really shy, but the last sister from my group that left! So then right when we got back to the hostel at the temple, we took three elders to the airport. All 4 of them went to Peru. 

Then slept for another hour when we got back. Then breakfast, then we took another group at 11:30, another sister at 2:30pm, and another elder at 6:30!

Such an aiport day. Little work done in between each trip.

Yesterday we went to the temple!! It was so awesome! Just my comp and me because we'll be with President in Conferences during each of the temple trips, so we went yesterday. Then we had a meeting with President Eddy and Sister Eddy and they took us to lunch! 
***Sister Eddy wanted mom to know that I eat lots of vegetables with them, which is true. It's like the only place I eat them when I think about it***
Then all yesterday we spent the whole afternoon making bus schedules to send to the bus guy, making schedules for interviews, planning the leadership meeting, and doing the visual stuff for that.. I love being in the streets so those long periods of time tire me out!! But, we got lots done so that's good! 

Wednesday afternoon we got some time in our area and had a great time!! I love it! We had a lesson and kept inviting people to join us and they were all very open and we had a great lesson! 

This next Tuesday we have the leadership council, then district leader training, then the following week we start up the same round as last transfers of conferences and intercambios!

I'm excited, our house is so clean already. My comp and Elder Vanderlinden (one change behind me) both are the new guys and are clean, so our house, although still ghetto, is clean and neat RN. SO HAPPY!!!! No more wilted wet lettuce underneath the faucet on the counter!! 

Mom, I forgot a top ten, sorry!

I love you all, the temple is an amazing place where you really can feel God's love. Go to it.

Elder Richmond

The new office elders in here too.. 

                                                                   Elder Mora is my new comp!

 Driving, at the temp! 

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