Monday, December 19, 2016

Brandon's Seventy First Email! December 17th, 2016

This is going to be really short, but we had a conference on Tuesday with all of the Zone leaders and it was fun, kind of stressful because I don't love talking in front of people, but whatever. 

On Wednesday there was a conference with the new district leaders and that was a little bit more relaxed. I like my new comp, I think it'll be really fun working together!

We got to work a little bit in our own area this week! Just a little but at least a little! 

We have been planning for the Christmas Conference! There will be two because there is a rule we can't have a whole mission one, on Tuesday and Wednesday! We are doing a little training thing combined with President so that'll be fun, but I don't really love the idea of doing demonstrations in front of 100 missionaries. Not at all actually haha.

So we will do Skype next Saturday or Sunday! That's crazy! That feels so fast! 

We went to the beach today with the office elders and us 6 played soccer on the beach, it was really fun, sweating so much and still wearing all clothes haha awesome! 

Sorry, I really don't remember anything from this week, but I'll write more/say more next week in Skype! 

I love you guys! 

I really think that everyone would be so happy if they just knew that we have a loving Heavenly Father! Just pray, and you'll know :)

Elder Richmond

So my comp and I have our own phones because we have to make a lot of calls and mine has a janky camera! 
This picture is from our patio

Our ward Christmas activity

And the beach!!! 
We put our feet in the water, it's like 85 degrees!!!!

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