Monday, December 26, 2016

Brandon's Seventy Second Email! December 24th, 2016

This week has been very changing!!

So Sunday after church, we had lunch with the Eddy's and the ZL from Maroñas. It was beef enchiladas, with all of the things that go with that that were all sooooooooo good!!! And then this really dank cake with heath bars on top! It was so cool! Elder Peterson had to practice this song for their family to sing so we just got to tag along to bring them haha.

So first of all, sorry I didn't say it before, but Happy Birthday Daniel!!! I had it written down in my agenda but didn't write it ever! Sorry sorry!! 

Sunday morning it rained soooooo hard! I took a video, it's crazy! 

The Hoffman's sent me a Christmas package! So sweet!! Thank you!

So we made a video showing the services the mission did. (It's actually in my one drive, because we weren't sure how we were going to transfer it, so mom, you can watch it if you want!) So Monday night, we were at the offices working on it and President called and said, "Hey are you guys all there? Will you be there for a couple minutes? I want to see the video..." So like 15 minutes later we had the Eddy family Caroling at the office doors!!!! It was sooo precious haha. With their 2 young daughters singing a cute special song about Uruguay! haha such a fun surprise! 

So Tuesday and Wednesday we had the Christmas conferences, they went well! I felt silly doing demonstrations but I'll get over it haha... 

Tuesday I had a heart attack because after the Conference the buses weren't there and I thought maybe we hadn't set the return trip! Gosh I don't know what we would've done, but it was fine.

I'm stressed, but it's fun. The Secretaries are really cool! Elder Hayden (the same from Rocha), and Elder Childs (from Virginia haha), and so we are together a lot and they're really cool! 

So we needed a short term missionary to fill in and so we had called a young man in Maldonado and then Tuesday after the conference we headed over there. It was like 2 hours in each direction, fun little drive. We got there and talked to his parents and explained to them the cool opportunity that he'd have. He was super cool, and really excited! 

So Thursday we had to get the hitch put on the van (If only I had dad's tools)....

Yesterday we had intercambios with the ZL's from Rocha, and this morning we dropped them off and it's our p-day today, so the Eddy's invited the office elders to breakfast and we had delicious crepes and homemade cinnamon rolls!!! Then, we played soccer and it was like 85 degrees and 50% humidity and I sweated SOOOOOOO much. Literally soaked! 

I'm excited for Skype tomorrow! It's crazy! 

Okay, well I didn't do a Top Ten because it's too jumbled but see you tomorrow!!!

Have a great Christmas! 

It's so important to remember the reason we celebrate Christmas, not for just Christ's birth, but his life, ministry, death, and resurrection!!! 

I love you!!!

Elder Richmond

 My comp and me, going crazy late at night haha 

Thanks Hoffmans!!!! 

 Passing by this really pretty point called Punta Ballena! (Whale point)

 Thanks momma!!

We had to go by downtown MV and this was on some photo shop there!! 
Children's pool in LJ!!!

Hermana Eddy outdid herself! 

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