Saturday, December 31, 2016

Brandon's Seventy Third Email! December 31st, 2016

So I'm so confused with these holidays, p-day on Saturday, and how much that has happened, so I don't know what really has happened this week....

On our area side of things, we have a couple progressing investigators!!! We had such great lessons yesterday! Like people who legit want to know what God wants, and why. When people just have a desire, God will tell them all that they need to know! We have set a ton of dates for baptisms, but it is just a little hard because some people have trouble going to church after the fiestas (aka the tradition of starting to eat dinner at like 12 or 2 am these holidays).

Yesterday we met with President, and after we went to a great Peruvian restaurant. After on the way home we swung by some really cool national things to see!! It was so awesome!! Right when we got back to our area I started throwing up and it's so hot and humid, but we had lessons so I just left and we had great lessons. I was like at the brink of passing out the whole time haha but I'm grateful for the day. Right when we got home I took off my tie and went back to barfing! This morning I felt horrible and was so hungry, but the other elders in my house gave me a blessing and literally not even 5 minutes later a cloud of nausea was lifted. I still felt bad, hungry, tired, etc. but I could feel so specifically the effect of a priesthood blessing, I'm really grateful for that.

Today (p-day) we played American football 2 hand touch with the office elders and the two Eddy boys, then soccer at the chapel. I was sweating so much it looked like I'd jumped in a pool.

Last Monday, we went to the mission home and got to have lunch with some elders and the Eddy family on p-day. We had Mexican tacos cooked legit Mexican style, it was sooo good!!! 

We had two intercambios this week, back to back, so I didn't work with my comp for two days haha, but the ZL's from Minas and Maldonado. It was really fun!! 

Tomorrow we are going to drive to another city to get an elder who is going home a few weeks early for college, and we'll have a dinner with the Eddy family, then we have to take him home again! On Tuesday we'll have to go to Maldonado to get another Corto Plazo and then switch them out, then take him to the airport! Crazy week haha... Also, we'll have an intercambio or two. 

It's been a great holiday season and I'm so grateful to be able to be a misisonary during this special time!!! 

Skype was soooo fun!! I was just stoked and happy afterwards!! 

I love you guys so much!!

Elder Richmond

(The pictures didn't upload in order so some of the captions don't really make sense)

 We had a meeting with President and then they invited us to lunch Friday, like yesterday. 
We ate at this good Peruvian food restaurant in Ciudad Vieja in Montevideo. 
Then we stopped on the way back passing some major tourist spots! It was so fun!

 The Saturday night on Christmas Eve!

 A fun intercambio with the ZL from Maldonado
From a while ago when Elder Teixeira came!

This was from the Christmas conference

Saturday morning breakfast on Christmas Eve 

 Playing Soccer

Monday we got invited to lunch and Elder Mora cooked dank Mexican food!

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