Monday, July 18, 2016

Brandon's Forty Eighth Email! July 4th, 2016

So to start off, I'm soaked, and my feet are soaked, and have been all day haha. It's rained a lot this week, I saw the sun like 2 times for probably 1 hour. It is suppppper humid, and EVERYthing is molding. So I pulled out my suit for the conference on Friday, and since Sunday it had mold on the bottom and the sleeves and so I pulled it out (both) and like wiped and cleaned them, My shoes, my PILLOW, hahah so I stuck it in the washing machine. We literally don't know what to do, nothing can dry completely all the time. We open all the windows because inside is like a cloud it's so humid. So anyway, I think by the time I leave this area everything will be mold stained, kind of a bummer, pero que va a hacer.. haha my favorite saying people say here. Like (what are you gonna do) and they say it about Super important things, but are so casual about it haha...

So this email will be kind of short. But Friday we had a conference with half of the mission Friday with The Eddy family (new president and his family). The other half had one on Thursday. 
They arrived Wednesday and the conference was awesome! I'm so excited for him and his family being here. He is young, speaks spanish really well, and they brought 5 kids! One will leave in some weeks but the little kids are so precious! The 16 year old is named Brandon and President Eddy yelled to him during lunch "Hey Brando" and it was so weird haha I like looked so confused. 
Anyway, they are really cool, really nice, and seem really excited to help us out and work with us! 
We went in a rented van at like 9 in the morning and got back at like 7.

So I left El Pinar a long time ago. We had been teaching this teenager namer Aarón and then I left. Well Elder Balke told me at the conference that after Balke left, Aarón got baptized!!!! I was so stoked to hear that, I had no idea. He was Natasha's brother who we started teaching. 

We had some good lessons this week, it's good having lessons so my comp can practice and everything. It's good teaching with him. It's funny thinking that he is newer than me, because I still feel like really unqualified to teach about things so important. I just always am scared I won't be able to help someone see why it's so important. Okay not scared, but if someone doesn't get baptized, it's because they don't understand. If someone actually understands the Gospel of Christ, they would for sure get baptized. 

Okay, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! We sung the national anthem for comp study today hahaha.
Really funny mom got to meet her half cousins in CUBA, really random.

Top Ten.

10. Bought snicker and twix from the supermarket today. Wasted like $2.50 but I think it was worth it. Also, at the conference, we had dank pizza
9. Made chocolate chip cookies! 
8. I can now finally do 10 pull ups.. haha pathetic
7. Fun intercambio with Elder Hayden
6. Got really cool letters this week! Everyone is always amazed by Sheridan's cards (really artistic) 
5. These kids came to church who always play soccer and we had a lesson with them. Really random but it was cool. They're all teenagers and one was super legit, we'll see what happens 
4. Seeing friends in the conference (Elder Mcmillina, Elder Ford)
3. The conference in General
2. President Eddy and his awesome family
1. My companion is working into the mission!

-1. All the stupid mold

But it's alright, I love being here and getting to teach everyday! 

Love you all! 

Elder Richmond

After playing soccer Saturday night

                                                                          From during the week. 
                                                      We all got pizza Thursday night (really cheap) 

At lunch today with a member (super dank)

Elder Hayden and cookies

The elders from my group.


The old zone of Durazno

Elder Lockhart

Elder Carroll

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