Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Brandon's Fiftieth Email! July 18th, 2016

So they have bleach here and the liquid bleach brand that's biggest is called Agua Jane, but they say the name Jane like honey, so it almost makes me laugh. 

So my card reader isn't working anymore, but I had taken a photo of our room once I started cleaning our walls (with a rag and this bleach stuff) it looks soooo nasty! But this morning we did it and now it's done and I love the room now hahah. The walls here are not fun, paint here is not the same, but I'm learning how to take care of a house I guess.

Soooo this week, we found like a perfect investigator! Something happened so she flaked on one lesson and she couldn't come to church, but I still am really hopeful, I mean she gave us oranges and a green onion plant! But seriously one of the best lessons of my mission. I felt the spirit so strongly. I love telling people that the gospel of Jesus Christ will bless them, because I know that it is true. I KNOW that the gospel is the way to happiness here, and then especially after we die somehow. Seriously, I wish everyone could know what blessings they would have if they believed in Christ and worked on being better, and got baptized! Everyone could feel the spirit so much more. So it was sad she didn't come to church, but I hope I can tell you good news next week about her.

Next, we had another good lesson with this guy, who tells us we were an answer to his prayers. We need to make sure he knows that he isn't just supposed to listen to the message, but actually be better and change for the better and do good things. I like the scripture in 3 Nephi and in Mateo that says where your treasure is where your heart will be also. It's so true. But anyway, that was nice, and he wants to know more, but didn't go to church either even though he said si o si he was going hahah. Flakey. 

I was going to superglue my scrips back together and totally superglued my hand together and it dried before I felt anything. Really dumb. So at church I had dried super glue on my hand.

It rained really hard Sunday morning, we had no investigators even though lots of people told us the night before they were coming! Really frustrating! Also, like no members came, which is also really bad. Like I don't understand how people can lose motivation to renew their closeness with God. I think I need to try and understand more before I can help less active members, because I feel like that has been one of the hardest things in my mission, helping them actually go to church.

I made brownies this week with Elder Perry's recipe and made ice cream from a little 30 peso packet and it was dank! 

We have inteviews with our new president on Wednesday, and then we have the conference for new missionaries on Friday in Montevideo! I'm super excited for that, but unfortunately, none of my "mission friends" will be there. 

Top Ten

10. Exercises
9. Brownies
8. Fun cards from Sheridan!
7. Connor is going on his mission real soon! 
6. Austin graduated high school (kinda late, sorry)
5. The plan of Happiness! (should be higher up I'm sure but I did this all mixed up)
4. The possibility that everyone has to have their own testimony! 
3. My companion! haha I make him workout in the mornings and he said to one of the other elders something like yes, I'm grateful for my daddy hahah 
2. The strong members in the branch who really try to help the work! 
1. Spiritually edifying lessons! Makes the work so fun and satisfying

Love you all! 

Ps. If you like anything about carz, check out Ray'z jeep

Elder Richmond

Super cold

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