Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brandon's Thirty Third Email! March 21st, 2016


Really rushed on time today because the computer has been freezing like crazy and we are cutting p-day short to help a family move their house!!!!

Going to start with the top ten today so I can cut this baby short when we have to go!

Bottom 2

2. Mosquitos WORKED me this week! I don't know why, but this week, allll over my body, I got killed!
1. The bike tire has a flat! As of Saturday, so I'm going to fix that ASAP because walking takes forever and this town is huge!

Top 8

8. It was kind of cold since Friday so we had Gizo twice and I love it! 
7. We cut the grass at Sister Sosas house and it was fun! She is super funny so it was entertaining! Two young men came and brought a weed whacker so we worked there for like 2 hours. Nice change of activities!
6. My spanish is slowly but surely improving! It's fun being able to understand almost everything! Sometimes the jokes do not translate at all so those are still hard sometimes!
5. Nice people in the ward, in the town, in the mission etc. It's just really fun to meet new people who are nice people. Member or non-member, everybody can be a nice person if they want to be!
4. Thank you for the package Emi and Jill! Such a nice surprise on Wednesday!!!
3. Friends that I've made in the ward, like especially Terezinha! 
2. I only have one chapter left of Jesus the Christ! Because Elder Gehring was sick, I had lots of time to read!
1. Maria is set to get baptized on the 26th!! We're really excited for her! We have had lots of lessons with her and she has come a long way!

Okayyy, so now for the week!

Tuesday we had the multizone conference, but Elder Gehring threw up so we couldn't go, so Tuesday was all day in house! Long day!
Wednesday the zone leaders came and Elder Gomez stayed with Elder Gehring, and Elder Ford left with me to some important lessons, and it was super fun and good and helpful that they came! The lesson with Maria was so entertaining! She speaks very uniquely and sometimes says really funny jokes, so it's always good with her haha.
Thursday, we only could go to one lesson with Terezinha in the late afternoon, so another longgg day inside! 
Friday we made visits in the morning, went to lunch, then came home and Elder Gehring was sick, so we didn't go out after lunch! He really had a long stretch of sickness! 
Saturday was good, we cut Sister Sosa's grass in the morning and then she fed us a really good lunch of millanessas and rice! Then in the afternoon we could only visit Maria and Francisco! They both are doing great! 
Sunday we had three investigators in church, Claudia, Maria, and the other Maria, so that was nice! Claudia is getting her papers figured out!

Sunday we had a lesson with Maria and then talked to this family where the mom is active, the dad is not (he has had tonssss of hard things in life happen), and their little girls who are 6, 8, and 11 and not baptized. He seemed really open to us, so we have a lesosn with them tomorrow

Maria has her date to get baptized the 26th, so pray that all goes through and she is all ready!!! She is really excited to take a photo in white before! 

Something cool! Sheridan and her comp have someone getting baptized the 26th also! 

Next week is transfers so that means I have Tuesday p-day next week! 

Sooooo it got way hotter Tuesday to Thursday then it has been pouring ever since! We got SOAKED Friday after lunch! Kinda fun, kinda gross and muddy from all the rivers in the roads! 

I'm having a great time! I LOVE THE MISSION. Like 4 months ago, I probably wouldn't have been able to say that honestly, but I love the opportunity to learn about the WONDERFUL plan God has for us. Then I get to share it with other people. It's a really fun and simple idea!  I have a great family, tons of amazing loved ones who support me, and feel very blessed to be here. Thanks everyone. Sorry everyone who ever was in charge of me during primary years. I know I was a pill....

Buttt, that's all for now! I'm undoubtedly forgetting tons, but I've learned to kind of try and not care so I don't get stressed at email time! We have district meetings in Durazno tomorrow so another hour long bus ride each way! Kinda relaxing and pretty though. I love Uruguay! 

Peace! aka. John 16:33... still my fav scripture

Elder Richmond

Thanks Jill for the fun Easter package! 
It was and is super tasty! And fun Easter things too!

This is us when we got home on Friday after riding home from lunch! 
It was pouring and we were completely soaked! 

We had an extra bunk bed so we dismantled it and pushed it together 
and now we both have our own double twin bed! 
We pushed extra blankets in between the two to try and gap the mattresses! It's pretty cool!

Thanks Emi for the England sweets! 
I was so confused by the mysto package with no return address!

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