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Brandon's Thirty Second Email! March 14th, 2016

So not tons of time to email right now, kind of confusing day! So p-day started and Elder Gehring was in a cleaning groove so we went to cyber late in the morning then the Wankiers called us and told us they'd be at the house in like 20 minutes, so we had to get off after like no time. They looked at our house and were going to put fly screens but the windows don't work for it, but they said the house looked good, which was cool! Elder Gehring did a really good job of cleaning all of his stuff today and the house looks and feels good! So then they were like have you guys heard of the Repressa (Dam) and we were like yeah! We were going to go today but maybe we'll go next week. Then they were like well why don't we go exploring? So we went in their van and went to the Dam! It was sweet! I think we might go back another day to waste more time and like eat lunch in one of the old beached boats! It's cool! They were super cool and nice though. Then they dropped us off. We made pizza for lunch, I think it turned out better today but maybe I was just hungry. Then we went, I sent a few letters, Elder Gehring got a haircut, now we are finishing our time here! 

So that's today, tomorrow we have a multizone conference in Florida, so we might have to sleep in Durazno today! Pray that no!!! Sleeping on the floor is not ideal!  

Sorry my organization of this email is absurd. Goin back in the week. Tuesday we had zone conference, we all gave like 15 minute presentations. Elder Gehring and I did ours on urgency. Then Wednesday was normal. Thursday also. Friday morning we went to Durazno and exchanged comps. Elder Ford, the zone leader, came here to Paso de los Toros and we had a great day. Lots of lessons, went to the bridge real quick at night SO SKETCH!!! And made cinnamon rolls at night! Then Saturday morning we traded back. Saturday was pretty normal except another giant piece of skin fell off my foot. I think my skin is too sensitive or soft haha. So gross. Sunday was good, calm, pretty normal.

Now about investigators. We have Maria, the mother who has a date to get baptized the 26th of March. She is marching along well, had a good time at church Sunday with this less active lady who also came (and is SUPER cool and really normal), she like helped her stay calm when her daughter was there. We will see how well she is learning, to see if she keeps the date of the 26th. 
We have a brother and sister teenagers named Juan and Sheyla, who we both planned for the 26th also, but we just heard yesterday that they ended up moving in with a different family member in a different town somewhere, so it's possible that they are just gone! 
Claudia still is so ready, but is having trouble with her papers! At the post office I saw a sign for the papers she needed and asked the crazy lady who was helping me and maybe found out how she can do it, so we will see if we can't help here this week with that! 
We have a bunch of other investigators who are more or less progressing. But we have had a bunch of really, really good, spiritual lessons this week! The Book of Mormon is powerful because it testifies of Jesus Christ! I love reading and coming up on scriptures that really help me understand the reality of what Jesus did for us. It dumbfounds me every time. 

We found a lot of future and new investigators this week by talking to everyone and knocking some doors! We were knocking doors and this little girl was yelling "Mormones! Mormones!" So we wanted to go see kinda why she was being mean, and we pull up and there were like 6 people just chilling at an almacen and they like had her yell because they wanted to talk to us, so we had a super cool, spiritual, simple lesson as it started to pour rain. They pulled out chairs and we all sat under the overhang and it was really cool. A husband and wife. Then two neighbor teenagers who are brothers, and then two like 20 year old brother-neighbors too. All really good friends I guess. 

I'm loving it here. Very used to everything missionary. The weeks are going by super fast now. Like at some parts of a long day it feels long, but then weeks are fast! 

Teezinha, my fav little Brazilian lady had to go to the hospital this morning because she has a problem with her kidney. We went to her house yesterday and gave her a blessing and I was really happy to be able to give her the blessing. Kinda hard in spanish, but I felt such a responsibility because I know her so well and want her to be better so badly. She told us of all the times she has had a blessing of health and she had such a strong testimony! Pray for her! 
I don't know if I'll send pics this week but I actually have lots! From the giant bull statue, this weird old man statue, tortas fritas, intercambio, and the Dam!

Top Ten!

10. Cinnamon rolls turned out best this time! Elder Ford has magic touch I guess.
9. Our house is sooo much cleaner now! It makes me so much more happy. Also, think we are going to unstack the extra beds and put two together each so we each have our own double bed!
8. The opportunity to give Terezinha that blessing because of her testimony of blessings.
7. Multizone Conference tomorrow!
6. Super fun intercambio! Exchanges I think? I'm not sure.
5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN! 18 and never cuter wheeeeeewwww
4. Sheridan arrived and completed her first week in Recife! Such an example of a good attitude! 
3. We had lots of investigators in church! I really enjoyed the mesajes too.
2. Reading The Book of Mormon ALWAYS makes me feel better. From bad to good and good to better!
1. The example of selflessness of Jesus Christ has been something I've thought a lot about this week. I really liked Matthew 25:34-40

I love you all!!!!
Elder Richmond

This is the Bull at the entrance of the town! 

There is this random statue of this guy sitting with a book.

More dumb ones with the guy! 

There were a bunch of hoodlums sitting watching us the whole time, I'm sure we looked really cool.

I made tortas fritas and we were pretty bored so here is the result of that...

 More tortas fritas.... I made one look like an old dude. 
I realized, I don't know why torta frita art isn't a thing!

 Last of the tortas... I put dulce de leche and powdered sugar on to give him hair! 

Then this is the bridge at night! Cool cool reflections! 

 Elder Ford and me on the bridge.. So sketchy at night. 

 The dank cinnamon rolls.

 The repressa!!!! (The Dam)

 More of the dam!

 The dam

 Lunch today! Starting to figure out how to do it better maybe!

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