Friday, March 4, 2016

Brandon's Thirtieth Email! February 29th, 2016

Hey Erebody! 

So this week was super irregular and kinda weird, and short - literally, but felt even shorter because it was so rando! So there's the intro...

It started out Tuesday after we emailed, so then that night we had a fun pizza night lesson to celebrate Elder Gehring staying.. 

Wednesday we had a Broadcast in the morning from Elder Bednar while he was in Argentina. So there was a conference there with three or four missions, and it was broadcasted to all of the South America South area missionaries at the same time! It was 3 hours but sooo cool! It wasn't a talk, it was like an interactive discussion and was so captivating and really awesome. He talked about how to receive a testimony of faith, we need to act. Without action, faith is really just a belief. Anybody, us, our investigators, any person, has to act on their belief to make it faith, then they will see the fruits of their faith. Really cool lesson. Then that afternoon we had a lesson with the Brazilian, she is SO nice, I love her haha, Always make me so happy. She turned 71 this week and so she was excited about that! Then that night we had a lesson with the family Sister Sosa introduced us to. Only the mother could come with three kids, and it actually got cut short because they had to go to this party they were going to skip, but then someone kind of called them out, BUT regardless of all of that, it was great! She was so into it, and totally interested for all of the right reasons. It is a family of 7 (one baby), but they are so cool. I am very excited for them. They didn't come to church this week, (we went by Saturday to remind them), but they really were super busy this week. They need to come to church though so they can make an action on their faith, because they will love it! 

Then Thursday we went to Durazno for a baptismal interview. In the afternoon we made visits and we had a lesson with Francisco. Alba came back for the first time during the lesson. Very Awkward, but she is living at her kid's house and they aren't like boyfriend/girlfriend anymore, she just wanted to come hang out and drink mate. But he was like telling us, yeah if she wants to come hang out, fine, but I'm always going to be at church. And he was, he is awesome! 

Friday, we went to Durazno at 11, and waited there for like an hour till a bus picked us up at 1:30. We picked up two other zones and I talked to Elder Balke for a long time! It was really nice to see him! We both talked about how we missed parts of El Pinar! He isn't there anymore either. Then we got to Montevideo at 5 and waited until 7:20 ish when Elder Bednar arrived with the area presidency from Argentina. It was so great! It was like the same format as the other one, but totally different subjects. He talked about how members need to read the Book of Mormon all the time to have a lasting conversion, and how the atonement cleans from sins, but also gives us power to accomplish righteous goals more so than we would normally be able to, I really liked that. After we left at like 10, got to Durazno at 2 AM, slept there, then woke up at 5 AM to take the early bus back to Paso. It felt so weird being out so late! haha I felt so sketchy. But then in the morning I was so tired haha.

Saturday we had weekly planning, then a good day in the afternoon. Talked to tons of people trying to find new investigators which I really liked. Lots of nice people. We'll see who is serious once we pass by for second rounds!

Sunday was nice, lots of people came who normally don't, and this investigator lady that has been gone for a long time!

We are probably going to go to the Rincon today (a big dam on the Rio Negro). It's like 20 pesos to get there so we just want to go and explore for a bit. I guess busses run every hour. 

Another great week in the mission. Really unordinary week but that's fine.

I am so excited to be a missionary. I feel like this time I have is so special and I try to take advantage of it as much as I can. I have gained such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. It will teach us for our days, even though it is an old record. It was meant for us. Christ is the key to everything, and for this the Book of Mormon testifies of him and teaches us why he is so important. I love him and do more and more - the more and more I learn about him and come to know him.

Top Ten

10. I have had the weirdest most realistic dreams this week! One time I got hit in the face with something and my face legit hurt!
9. Times when my stomach is normal / doesn't die from all the oil!
8. The weather is changing a little. Not SOO hot in the mornings and nights! We had a HUGE rainstorm Friday morning. CRAZY downpour for like an hour straight. 
7. Happy Birthday Sheridan! 20 Years Old!!!!
6. Happy Birthday Daddio! A couple more years, but still shredding!
5. I got to see all my friends from the mission on Friday after for a few minutes (mostly Elder Mcmillian, he is so cool!)
4. The Bednar Broadcast Wednesday
3. The investigator lady that came to church
2. The really cool family, I hope we can have a good lesson this week!
1. The Bednar conference on Friday!!!!

Brandon didn't send any pictures this week. 

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