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Brandon's Thirty Fourth Email! March 29th, 2016

We have transfers this week aka today and Elder Gehring is going to Lomas de Solymar, right next to my last area! Elder Burgess will take his place as DL! He has 4 transfers left in the mission I guess so lots of time! We only found out this morning! They were killing us waiting!!!

So a scripture I really liked this week was Alma 37:44. Because how true is that. This easter is a great time to remember that, AND we get to watch general conference this week! how great is that!!! 

So this week was kind of uneventful most of the days. We had good district meetings on Tuesday, then Ford and Gomez came to do Maria's interview on Friday. I worked with Gomez while Ford did the interview. During the week we had a good amount of things to do in prep for the baptism. We found a few new investigators who will be cool to get to know more this next week!

I ATE IT on my bike in front of Sister Sosa doing a wheelie for a video with Gehring. My pedal snapped in two and I nailed the ground cause I didn't have a foot after it broke. I have the video. Very funny!

We have had a good amount of guiso this week because it rained from like Thursday to Sunday and even last night (my clothes have NOT dried since Wednesday) and the guiso is really good so that is really nice!

I have been very congested and headachy and head cold since like Friday! I think it's getting a little better today. SO annoying though! 

I made Gehring a cake on Thursday and it was good! It actually turned out so I was very happy about that considering I had to make the applesauce for the cake and ground the cloves by hand with a knife haha.

I didn't really plan out much what I was going to say so now I can't really think... hah this always happens.

So, Maria's baptism went great! We were really happy with the way everything turned out. She was great, super happy and everyone that came was really happy with the service itself so that was good, because we like organize and do all of that. Miguel baptized her and then Brother Silva confirmed her with Gerhing and me also. She was really, really happy, and it was overall just a really good experience to start teaching her from zero and finish all the teachings and have her be so happy to be baptized and to see all the happiness that it is bringing her!  So that was cool!

JESSICA is ENGAGEDDDD. So weird haha, congrats!!!! Tomorrow I'm guessing I'm going to work in Durazno with Elder Ford as our comps go to Montevideo for transfers! Then I'll come home at night!

Great week, REALLY happy to be in Paso for another transfer!
We took a lot of funny biking videos so I can make a funny video after the mish.

Top Ten!

10. We have General Conference this weekend! Anyone that doesn't know what that is, look up LDS general conference and watch a little!
9. All of the wonderful members here in Paso de los Toros!
8. Connor's mission call to Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. I fell so hard and didn't get hurt! Another miracle, really though, so sketch
6. That dank cake! 
5. Staying in Paso de los Toros!
4. All of my friends on missions! Joseph Camargo, Emi, Soon to be Connor, Holden, and of course Sheridan!!! I'm sorry if I forgot people, emailing is psycho.
3. I finished Jesus the Christ! Such a great book that really helped me learn about Jesus´ life!!!
2. Maria's baptism!!!! Such a blessing how everything worked out!
1. Jessica is engaged!!! Congrats J and Chase!!!!! 

Well that's it for now! Mom, I tried to put the fall video on onedrive. Don't know if it worked! 
Love you all!

Elder Richmond!

P.S. I have tons of photos from this week! Most in my mission, but I probably won't send them all! I got a pen drive and saved all of them super well organized so now they're all backed up!


 The Zone


 This is Eva and her daughter!

 Maria's baptism!!! It all went really well! 

 We are really happy about her. 
Bishop chatted with her Sunday after she got confirmed and asked her what her favorite part 
of the teachings were, and she told him the first vision and he was really impressed 
that she had a pretty good concept of everything.

She was pretty nervous before, but after she was really happy!

This is Francisco in some of his normal clothes! And his like friend/girlfriend sort of Alba, and her son.

And the Family Machado! He is so nice and always gives us bear hugs

 This is at this cool park kind of by our house! It's like on the riverside and has these cool murals! 

 And I pretended to jump into the river... 

And the Artigas statue in the middle of Paso,

 And this is the marriage of the Bruns.
They are the grandparents of Juan from El Pinar,
he was in the military and now is losing his memory really badly,
it's sad, but I use his bike!

 This is Terezinha! Our sweet Brazilian! 
Elder Gehring just said bye to her for the last time and I'm for sure gonna cry when it's my turn...
She is so funny!!!

 This is the view from outside her house! It's next to the river, and it ALWAYS looks so pretty at sunset! I wish I had a newer camera that captured light better! It's something I really love!

 Made a cake for Elder Gehring's birthday! It's the 11th of April but we won't be together!

 Thanks for the recipies momma and for the banner Sher! 

 We only had like a piece each and brought the rest to the Barrios familiy and Sosa family! Sister Sosa liked it and really flattered my cooking haha.

 Us on our bikes, 

 Funny cows in the fields,

 GIANT tree at the house of Claudia, the investigator that is waiting on her papers to get baptized!

 And another of the big tree!

 Another sunset that was really cool!

 Silly pic before the baptism.
 I don't care how I look, I'm on my mission, I can have some slack

 One pic from Maria's baptism

Andddd a funny lunch we made. 
It was eggs, beans, corn, rice, and chicken I boiled then cooked in soy sauce on the skillet! 
It was actually good! 

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