Thursday, February 4, 2016

Brandon's Twenty Sixth Email! February 1st, 2016

Wow, that's Crazy, week 27. I hit six months this week!

So this week, we started off doing splits with the Zone leaders and I went to their area, and it was so cool. We had SUCH a cool lesson with this member and these two guys teaching the restoration. The missionaries had given him a Book of Mormon and he said he feels good when he reads it and elder Ford asked, "Why do you think you feel like that?" And he said, "I think it's God's way of telling me it is good and true?" And they said that they will get baptized 20th of February.

We got our lights AND our water fixed in our house. The electricity like blew up in hall of the house so we had to call the electrician, he came and fixed it and we bought bulbs and now everything works. The next day we called the plumber and he came and fixed it and so now our house works how it should! Literally a miracle!!!!! The problem with the toilet was that there was a half can (chopped in half) of sardines lodged completely blocking the pipe. What theeee....

So I bought baking soda at a pharmacy and they had a legit scale. I had lost 20 pounds since I left, while wearing all my missionary clothes!!!! I was kinda shocked! 

So I had something cool happen for the first time on my mission this week!!! We contacted a guy by his house, then had a lesson right there right then. I've wanted to do that so many times and finally!!! He was great, he turned off the radio when we walked over and got out chairs. After teaching the Plan of Salvation he said that he would like to get baptized! 

Francisco is still set to get baptized the 20th. We visited him a couple times this week. He is great. Always at church before us haha.

One funny thing. This really cool family, the Sosa family, is so funny. Elder Gehring had given them ibuprofen one day and they couldn't figure out the child proof cap so they called it Latin proof also haha. I was dying. They are so funny.

So today we are going to Durazno to hang out with the zone at the church there. I'm sending pictures after because we have to go to the bus terminal now!! Love you guys!!!
I'll try and think of a Top Ten later!

Elder Richmond

Fields inbetween Paso and Duranzo... there is nothing.

 The cool church in Durazno. It's so nice!

The plumber pulling out the sardines can....

 And this cool bamboo stick we had. Works for workouts

 Tie Burning!! 
Have two videos but without one drive it's pointless...

Zone activity today. It was actually really fun. The zone is 6 elders 6 sisters. 
We ate lunch and played games.

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  1. This sounds like an amazing journey that you are on. Must be very inspiring to share with so many different people and to learn so much in the process. My wife and I have been missionaries in Uganda before so we know how rewarding it can be. Please keep sharing more of your experiences, all the best for the future.

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