Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Brandon's Twenty Seventh Email! February 8th, 2016

Well, another great week here in Paso de los Toros.
Like always, I'll send pictures a little bit later.
This week had its ups and downs, but I am really grateful for some really cool things. 

First of all, kinda non-spiritual things:
It is hot. My white shirt is wet all the time. Not like I'm sweating a little, but like my shirt is see through wet and I am literally dripping sweat. Never imagined wearing dress clothes in the heat. But one plus is the members always take pity on us and give us water or coke or pomelo. 

We had another intercambio with the zone leaders after our zone conference on Friday. It was fun, but the plans fell through and we helped the elder misisonary couple take a fridge from one of the sister companionship's house. So we walked a lot and it was very hot haha. But at least not cold!!!

I got so spoiled this week. I had two packages from mom, including the biggest/heaviest package ever shipped, another little box from the Stolks, and another package from Sheridan! I was literally package wrestling to walk to the bus station and then home from our bus terminal. But so grateful for all of it! I fixed my other shoes, so I'm using those now, because I have like blood blisters on my toes from my other ones (a tad small). And Now I have like American treats for a year or two... SO stoked on all of it! The Stolk's Richmond notepads are actually perfect too! Thank you! 

We went to this cool bridge right by our house one morning when 7 plans failed and we had like 30 minutes. It was really cool. Paso is weird, it like is city, but then walk five minutes and you're in a field where you could walk for 5 days and not come to anything haha. So it was cool, when we crossed the bridge we were in the campo... I'll send pics later!

I worked out really hard at the beginning of the week, and it was great. I haven't been able to since because intercambio and rain, but I'll start up again. I was so sore though. I did squats and lunges and stuff and like felt like my legs were worthless haha. So painful, so I just need to do it more so they're more used to it.

Now, for our week. Well, Elder Gehring has been having bad migraines which is a bummer, so we have had some time where he couldn't leave. But the time that we have been able to be out has been great. Seriously we are so blessed all the time when we are out in the streets! Everyone is so nice and cool. The only down side of that is there are tons of girls here that we like have to avoid because they just say sketchy stuff. It's weird, I think there are a lot more girls than boys in this town. But besides that, the friendliness is great! We talk to tons of people all the time and it's more like the difficult thing here is following up on people we have found, instead of finding people like in El Pinar. 

So also, this sister in our ward is so cool. We stop by her house a lot to say hi and to teach another lady that lives with them, recent convert, and she had a family night with a family with five kids. She met the inactive mother and invited her and the whole family came including the husband, and they had a great night and so we are going to get set up with them. I'm excited!

Also, Francisco and Alba are both set to get married the 18th, and then baptized on the 20th. They are legit country people, so can't read, but are so great, and really have such a resolve to follow Christ in their life. I love listening to him give simple testimonies of Christ and the church. They totally understand the essentials, albeit just the essentials, but that is the key! 

I'm almost halfway done with the B.O.M. in spanish. I understand all of it now, and now I am working on learning new words. I was kind of deducing the meaning of words, but now I want to learn and incorporate them. I wasn't reading the B.O.M. (in spanish) all that much my first and even second transfer, but now I'm loving it (in spanish). I've been marking diligently too. Sometimes tries my patience. 

Top Ten.
10. Breakfast. (Elder Marley cooked a dank breakfast so I started copying him. Sautéed bell pepper and onion, add scrambled eggs, then add beans.)
9. Fixed my mom comfy shoes so my feet will be kinda happy!
8. Fun satisfying workouts in the morning make me feel so much better during studies/during the day.
7. The Stolk's notepads they sent me. So perfect for reminders/notes around the house (ponderizing)
6. I've been planning my personal studies better the night before so I wake up excited to study a specific material.
5. Package from Sher with PEANUT BUTTER
4. Incredible package from mother. Probably on the poor Sister's "bottom ten"... the one who carried it from her house to the church. They had it in their house cause they were in Montevideo last. So sad to see her walking around the corner like grasping the giant box.
3. Days when we have a full day planned, and just have a full day of lessons. I want it to be like that almost everyday! Minus some time for finding obvi.
2. The member missionary work from Hermana Sosa in our ward!!!! Such an example.
1. SO best for last. We had talked to these other county folk like last p day when we left, super cool and like clean cut and nice, and kind of casually invited them to church because we had to go. That was it. We were in sacrament meeting and nobody else had showed up (4 people had committed to come) so we were pretty bummed. Right after the opening prayer they walk in the door and we went out to receive them and then a member did too, it was a miracle. They were awesome. Elder Gehring and I taught the Gospel Principles class on eternal marriage and it was great, They've been married for 40 years and loved hearing of temple sealings. 

So we are going to see where that goes. 

Great week. Shout out to Sheridan for killing it in the MTC.

Love you all, Elder Richmond

 This is that one bridge I told you about in my email

  More from the bridge

More from the bridge

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