Thursday, February 18, 2016

Brandon's Twenty Eighth Email! February 15th, 2016


First of all, the granddaughter of a recent convert has 15 months and is soo cute. Bluest eyes with dark skin and really curly hair. She always says amen at the end of prayers, and always says, "Opa," when she like almost falls, It is so cute!!! 

So we had an intercambio after our zone conference last Tuesday and I stayed in my area with the zone leader Elder Gomez! It was like half good half bad. None of the investigators were home so we made less active family visits and we're finding people through them and so that was the plus of the day. It was so hot. Another dripping-sweat-all-day kinda day. 

Another day, we walked to a member's house and it is in the middle of fields, and fields, that are like a mile or so from anything haha. We got there and her son was mixing cement and so we were like here, we'll help. So we layed concrete (really like 7/8 sand, with a little concrete) on the ground of a room they just built. I had done a couple things with cement before so I was the one laying it and spreading it and trying to even it out with just the garden spade that we had. It turned out well though, she was happy. I was completely wet by the time I finished haha. 

Yesterday I woke up completely wet from sweat (normal), but felt really nauseous. So we went to church and had priesthood. Then the Gospel principles was going to start but we went home for a sec and I threw up. I had a really bad headache allll day. Idk if it is related with these weird bug bites I have. They're not mosquitos. There is like a line of a couple in a row, and they hurt a lot more than they itch. Weird. But I feel better today. 

Also two things I'm really excited for! Tomorrow, we are going to Montevideo for my zone to have a temple conference (we get to go to the temple, and then we have a zone conf. with President and the assistants). It's like 4 hours of bus each way though, sooooo many fields hahah.

Then, the 26th of February, Elder Bednar is coming to Uruguay and we are going to have a conference with our mission and the West mission and we get to watch him live and like greet him after!!! So excited! 

I got assigned a talk for this coming Sunday. It'll be my first full talk in Spanish, 10 minutes. Wish me luck haha.

So Sister Sosa in my ward is soooooo sick! She called us late on Saturday night and we thought it was an emergency because two kind of older women live in her house, so Elder Gehring answered, but she asked the first letter of first name of Elder Gehring. We were so confused. But yesterday she gave us these sick Uruguay shaped leather key fob type things with a metal B and J for Brandon and Josh. They're so cool, and she is so selfless. She was at the ferria and saw them and thought of us! 

So we had a good week! We were able to be outside for more time than any other week so far! So one thing that was awesome this week was at the beginning of the week I had lots on my mind and was a little frustrated, but then Wednesday following advice of Elder Gomez, I spent more time planning meaningful goals. Each following day I really had in my mind that I wanted to meet these goals because when I put them I knew that they were what the Lord would want that we do that day. So everyday tried harder to meet the goals. Although not everyday we met some goals, it REALLY helped me focus this week, and at the same time the week flew by. I was really happy with that and just feel so much more involved each week. It's been something I really enjoyed. I also haven't read in english in like 4 weeks, besides my journal and any letters, but that's been really cool reading the scriptures in spanish a lot. It's really been helping. 

This coming week is going to be exciting! Francisco and Alba are getting married on Thursday at 10am. We'll be there for that. They have their interview on the 19th, and are getting baptized the 20th. They have a very basic understanding because they are not educated, but good nonetheless. The schedule is really tight and doesn't leave room for flakiness, so I'm a little stressed but I'm thinking everything will work out. A recent convert will baptize them (always the plan in this ward), which is cool because then they have a personal tie with someone even when missionaries leave.

We will have fish milanesa today! I've never tried them, but I'm stoked. This member always catches them for his family to eat, then his wife milanesafies them. We had THE BEST lunch on Friday. So good. 

I got to use my cooking stuff yesterday!!! We made chocolate chip heart pancakes (valentines day) and maple syrup!!! It was so good! Ghirardellii chocolate chips THE BOMB. Ugh, love chocolate. Also, think I have enough maple extract for like 5 gallons of maple syrup haha. It takes 1 quarter teaspoon for like 2 cups of sugar and a cup of water, if I'm not mistaken right now.

Also, rained on Thursday I think it was. Biggest blessing ever!!!! Although the crazy wind and rain were SO loud on our metal roof.... But I still woke up sweaty, but it wasn't so hot outside!


Top Ten

10. It rained!!! Maybe our tangerine tree will grow better now!
9. I went on a double decker bus back to Durazno after the intercambio, we sat in the front on the second story and it was sooo fun!!! 180 degree view!!! Saw tons of shirtless crazy cowboys, the route with tons of cows, and they were so funny and like hollering and stuff.
8. The lunch we had on Friday. Like 3 different mini meals that were not pasta with sauce, and ICE CREAM
7. The pancakes last night (super chocolatey) and got to use all my new cooking stuff! Love the wire whisk. So random haha
6. All of the support from friends and FAMILY 
5. The conference with Elder Bednar. Very excited
4. Temple tomorrow!!!! So peaceful.
3. The goals really were something I enjoyed this week. Really helped me focus and try and be productive
2. The day of Saturday was filled with lessons with investigators. Time spent in lessons is always the best!
1. Francisco and Alba are getting ready to change so much! Married and baptized! Excited for them! Nervous for everything but excited!

Love you all, so excited to be here, even when cockroaches fall on me while I'm cooking and touch my legs while I'm praying :)))))))))

Elder Richmond

P.S. Just got a letter from President saying Dengue Fever is in Uruguay! yayyyy...


The chapel at sunset from our roof on Sunday

Pancakes yesterday

This is the Sosa family. 
Sofia on the bottom left, then Rosanna, then Alba (recent convert), then abuela. 
I don't know her actual name haha.

Lunch from last pday!!!

Where we do cyber! ha.

 Upstairs in the attic. Can't even stand up straight.

Walking to nowhere

Sweaty and gross. Messing around as we walk,
but really cute kids once we got there.

This is where we put the cement floor. 
The little girl man-handling the cat

I love the view from my desk. 
This cool purple tree and the church.

Using my cooking stuff!!!!


Matching jerseys

Cool thing Hermana Sosa got us!

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