Monday, December 21, 2015

Brandon's Nineteenth Email! December 14th, 2015


This week has been pretty good! Still working on compatibility, and that is like improving slowly I´d say. Gonna be an interesting Christmas! 

So some random things first. Mom, I made the chocolate frosting and for once the stuff here tasted the same! It was SOOOOOOO good!!!!! Thank you! Could you maybe find directions so that I can make applesauce to make the cake? And also in the recipe, 1/2 tsp of what kind of cloves?

We had an end of the year dinner as a ward. It was super fun. So Elder Balke and I gave a short presentation (each group did something short), and we shared the Christmas videos from the church with some scriptures also. But my USB card tripped out, deleted one of the videos, and showed all my photos of family and Sheridan as we were setting up haha. But the presentation was good, and then we had food and desserts and it was fun to talk to some other people for a change!

I gave my first blessing in spanish this week to a lady in our ward... kinda different in spanish! But I was happy because I didn't mess up haha.

We have been practicing as a zone to sing in the Christmas conference, but yesterday was the stake Christmas music show thing, and we sung in it. After, we got to watch the rest of the show, which was really fun! Then we got ice cream after as the dessert that they handed out!!

Tomorrow we have the mission Christmas conference, I don't know what it is, but we are there in Malvin until lunch! I hope it's fun! I think every zone is gonna sing a song maybe?

The temperature has been so hot this week! Like 90 all the time, even at night usually. Like 80's in the night. I like it more than the cold for sure but It's just crazy wearing dress clothes and a tie haha. 

So this week, we had to go to the Brazilian consulate so that my comp could sign something. He really doesn't like to ask anyone questions such as which bus to take, so we walked 30 blocks in the city! hahah yeahhhhh. So we went to Montevideo and spent the first half of the day there. 

The power just went out for like 30 minutes because there was a gnarly storm that rolled through like today/this morning!!!! 

This week was like half and half good. Some of our investigators are like so so and my comp just wants to stop visiting all of them haha, but if we do that we'll have no one because he doesn't like to talk to people either haha. We have one girl named Natasha who is really really good, and speaks english so that's nice haha. So the lessons are like half english half spanish.

This week went by quickly, a few days we practiced the song as a zone, but it was sooo hot. Other than that, not sure what else to report. 

WE Skype in 10 days!!! 

I emailed mom, but do you guys have a time when we can't? I'm gonna try and plan it this week for sometime between 11am and 3pm San Diego time for the 25th of December. I'll give you a specific time next week! I'm excited!

Top Ten:

10. Chicken millanessas that I had last week on p-day were so good! 
9. Someone taught me how to read a little bit of music and I can play top hand to silent night!
8. Going to Montevideo was kinda fun to see!
7. Lunch with Juan! He is super cool, 22 years old, and always cooks us really good lunches.
6. The end of the year dinner was super fun!
5. We have been getting along better. Better...haha
4. Chocolate frosting! It was sooo nice!!!
3. I have Christmas music now! Sheridan sent me some! 
2. Christmas Skype in 10 days with Family and Sher!!
1. We actually had like a good first half of the week. I wish it was always like that!

Love you guys!

Elder Richmond

 Sketchiest looking hospital ever. Looks like tower of terror

 In Montevideo, 18 de julio

 A torta frita with the chocolate frosting!

 So hot all week

End of year dinner

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