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Brandon's Seventeenth Email! December 1st, 2015

This week was great! Maybe not so successful by all standards, but during the week I worked really hard to work on our companionship unity and made some progress! I tried asking just tons of questions about him and his family and everything to try and let him know I care and I think it helped. We spent more time this week in good moods, at least like warm waters and I was really thankful for that. Obviously we´re not like perfect but a little bit of improvement is great right? One thing that is kinda funny is he like tests me. He will ask me do you know ______? Then after, "Okay then tell me what it is," and if it isn't perfect according to the words then he says you don't know it okay.  Definitely good to humble myself! 

So last Tuesday we were in charge of creating and explaining the practices for district meetings (we do the practices as a zone) and it was fun. We had like 40 minutes to do them and it was nice because we planned together and it helped us like open up to each other more. It was also nice, people after told me my spanish was good and that made me happy.

We did a service project this Saturday and it was great. We added to a cinderblock wall and ran a wire type fence around the house of this lady in our ward. We did it with the elder's quorum president and two brothers in our ward and they're all super fun, so it was really cool! She is so sweet and grateul and gave us like pieces of cake as we did it.

Thanksgiving was funny! I didn't realize it was Thanksgiving until 8:30 pm when we bought milk and saw a member and he asked me what we were going to do to celebrate! But it was good! Maybe no turkey but we did have lunch! 

Other than that, we have been teaching practically the same people. We have more references to contact, but I think they're pretty cold references but still!

I'm really excited to be here. I have learned a lot of random things that make it better and make me more comfortable, (french toast was a really nice thing for mid-week dinner! Really easy and cheap).
Also personal studies have been really good this week. I'm really excited because now I can read The Book of Mormon in spanish and understand allllmost everything. I realized this week as I was practicing my pronunciation, "Wait, I actually know whats it's saying," and it was really exciting for me.

My companion and area are the same. We both stay! Today we went to the temple and it was great! I loved it, then we went to the shopping place next door and after 18 weeks I FINALLY have a watch! So happy! and now we are emailing, so yeah, great day! 

Not sure what else to say! I know I'm forgetting stuff but It's okay! I'll remember for next week! 

Top Ten!

10. The rice with cream of turkey is strangely good.
9. I get to Skype in a month and Christie already figured it out!
8. We were walking and four Americans stopped and talked to us! It was two guys and their wives, and they gave us chocolates! They were so nice!
7. I finally got a watch!
6. We did the practices and it worked out!
5. The service project was super fun
4. (Check it out. Not gonna spoil it.)
3. The temple was great today! Loved it. I think the best time yet.
2. Reading the B.O.M. in spanish and understanding is something really exciting for me.
1. Sheridan went through the temple and had an amazing time like everyone will who gets to go through! Always so cool when someone goes through for the first time!

Love you all!
Elder Richmond

 The goodies Jill Hoffman sent me! (I'm soaked from the rain)

I was so happy with the Oreos.. haha so happy! 

Rice with cream of turkey for Thanksgiving!!! 

                                                             Us like in back of our church building.

A little horse born this past week

 Me at the offices of the mission, last P-day!!

Our District

M&M brownies (I received the packet from the Hoffman Family) and they were so good! 

This is our zone (minus the leaders Elder Carroll and Leite) in El Pinar!

A little box i made for my hymnbook! 
I love this picture of the temple!

 Today at the temple

 My New Watch!!! YAY!!!

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