Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Brandon's Sixteenth Email! November 23rd, 2015


So this week had some ups, and it had its downs!!!!
We started to teach this kid from a part-member family, and he has a baptismal date, but we think he doesn't actually need to talk to the missionaries. We´ll figure that out for sure this week though.

Victor, our investigator was getting more and more committed, and then he died. It was really sad when we passed by his house and his wife told us. We were with him the night before he passed away, but it was really, really sweet what she told us. She told us that this past two months since Elder Rae and I met him he has been happy, and excited to learn more, and told her the night before he passed away how great the family history work was, and how he loves when we pass by, so because of that she invited us to start teaching her.

Other than that, this week was even harder than last week in terms of homeslice. Tuesday he took more food and I asked him to ask me if he wants my food, and he like got mad and was legit mean until Thursday when we had weekly planning and did comp inventory and I just said I think it seems like you don't like me, is that true? And he said no, and since has been like back to what it was last week, which isn't like fun and happy, but sure better than the 3 days..

I got a package from Jill Hoffman!!!! It couldn't have come at a better time because I have like only bus money for the next week, and it had soooooo many treats and goodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reeses, M&m's, Oreos, Pringles, and more!!!! I still have the Trader Joe's brittle!!! Thank you so much Hoffman family!!!!!!!

I've had like some sharp foot pain this week starting Wednesday, but I think it's getting better starting today. It legit scares me when something with my body is a little weird cause I would be so mad if I got hurt and had to come home. I never knew that actually happens, but since we walk all day, you can't be hurt and be a missionary here!

The weather is weird. Last week we had a couple days of downpour, then the next day is like burning, but the burning days are 10000000 times better than the cold!!!!!! 

Today we had an activity in Malvin, and the bus was PACKED both ways. Super annoying, literally like just pressed against everyone, so uncomfy, 1hr bus ride haha. The buses are interesting but I'm getting better at them. Homeslice doesn't navigate, like never, so I'm always the one that has to decide where we are gonna get off and which buses to take... it's a little stressful but good. 

I need to figure out a skype acount!!! Idk how skype works! I can't use FaceTime because the people here don't have Mac's, but Christmas is coming up and I do not wanna miss out on that! 

Other than that, not sure what else to say. Trying to be patient with happiness, but sometimes it's hard.

Other random thing, we have lunch from the members everyday, either in their house or we use old ice cream tubs (everyone does) and they give us like food to go. This week we had rice and an egg. Then pasta. Then soup and chivitos. Then pasta. Can't remember the others. 
But I eat mayonnaise and tomatoes ahora!!!!! The food almost always has it, but yep, Brandon Richmond eats chunks of tomatoes.

Okay, gonna try and send some pics, but this computer is a laugh riot.

Top Ten

10. The Relief Society President told us that in 9 years in the ward, we're the first elders to bring back all of the food tubs the members give us the next Sunday, separated and with sticky notes for which family they pertain to, (I do it myself) so that made me happy.
9. I made an alfajor milkshake! Milk and a love play punta bellena alfajor and put it in the freezer! It was dank!
8. I really loved lunches this week! Aside for a day or two it was like super dank ere' day
7. We did tracking in an other area  Like the other week, but we actually got references for the other elders this time, it was good
6. Two kids here in El Pinar lived in the U.S. before and speak english so I like did a long contact in english, it was fun being able to say what I wanted!!!!
5. I'm totally used to not eating breakfast or dinner. Or when I do eat it is like a nice sweet surprise! 
4. My package from the Hoffman's was amazing!!!!! REESES!!!!!!!!!!
3. Letters from Sheridan on Tuesday REALLLLYLYYYY helped during a hard week
2. When we passed by for the house of Victor, it was because we felt like we should, we had planned other things but when we arrived we knew why.
1. Victor is now in a better place, and his wife has the opportunity to experience what he was begginging to. THE GOSPEL BRINGS MORE HAPPINESS TO ANY LIFE, from what seems like a waste to a life nearly perfect.

Love you all, Elder Richmond

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