Thursday, November 5, 2015

Brandon's Thirteenth Email! November 2nd, 2015

This week has been tough in some ways, but good in some ways.
Okay first of all, I don't have enough time, and this keyboard is broken and really difficult to use, so sorry this is going to be short. 

Things that are random. Last p-day I cooked a pizza with homemade dough, and also mom's chocolate chip cookies, and later in the week I cooked these dank brownies the mission president's wife makes!

Yesterday we had lunch with a member and they drove us... and they have a BMW X3!!! 2013! It's nuts cause only like 10 people have cars in our ward, if that, so we were trippin.

The weather is so weird! Tuesday and Wednesday were really hot and enjoyable. Then it's been really cold since then again!!!! So annoying! I want the hot!

I keep getting new blisters! Almost impressive! I have pics but these computers are horrible...

Sorry, not going to be any pictures... It won't work anymore on this computer... just freezes. 

I have no time to type but this week was slow. Tons of plans fell through and new homeboy isn't as work excited so it's been a little hard in that sense. We are going to do more contacting this week to try and find more people.. our investigators are more or less progressing, but it's kinda frustrating.
I am loving reading The Book of Mormon every day.

Top Ten

10. My family and loved ones 
9. How much study time we have
8. Being here in Uruguay
7. The work that we get to do!
6. The fact that we have a prophet.
5. Getting used to speaking spanish 24/7
4.Teaching in spanish is pretty funny!
3. P-days and talking to family!
2. Our zone is sweet and really encouraging with everything
1. The weather should start getting warmer

I'm really sorry this email is so, so bad. The keyboard barely functions.
It was a slow week though anyway.


Hey, we had a couple more minutes because before we didn't have a full time because we had to rush to our zone activity, which was sand boarding and hanging out at the beach san dunes! The sand board didn't work great but it was fun to be at the beach! Some things I wanted to mention... Halloween was a normal workday but in the night we went to this family's house and had snacks and they had costumes and it was fun! The Familia Moreno. And earlier in the day Sister Acosta gave us these fun Halloween cookies, so that was good. My comp is good, but reallllly quiet. Can't tell if he is mad at me, but it's hard sometimes because he isn't totally willing to help with my spanish, he just says yeah a lot if I ask him if it's correct even if I know it's not. I do a lot more now in terms of talking to people I think because he just doesn't love talking to people haha. 

I am learning a lot. Not just spanish but how to talk to people and what we need to do as missionaries...
I learn so much more from the scriptures now too. Studying with a prayer and a question really does something different. It's been good though.

It's crazy I'm 1/8 done already! Our Ward mission leader is so intense. He lectures us a lot on things that aren't in his realm of control, and that's kind of frustrating. Thank you mom for the pictures of our family and the one of me and Sher at Phils!! Love them all!!! And this week was REALLLLYYYY slow as far as lessons go but one thing we're focusing on is the sabbath day... and one spiritual thought that we used this week was 2 Nephi 32, about prayer and reading the scriptures. It's a great chapter and it really is so true and spot on.. love you all! Going to try and send a few photos... but who knows.

My Companion


 The beach 

Our sleeping room! 
We disassembled two bunks and cleaned sooo much!!
 It's actually sick now!!!

Our House

Us at the beach

Brownies I made this week

    A Blister

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